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Published On: November 11, 2022
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Blessings Guide: Choosing Blessings for a Team


Choosing the right blessing for your team is equally as important as choosing the right blessing for your champion. In many cases it is not a “one size fits all” solution with significant gains to be had with prioritising blessings on the right champions. This guide will cover how you select the right blessings to maximise the value of your team, not just your champion.

Before we begin let us highlight some important details relating to blessings.


Team Blessings


If you have checked our Blessings Tier List you will have already learned about Blessing Exclusivities but let us include this context here again as it is important. There are a number of blessings that either are completely disabled or lose significant value when used together so you want to ensure you only choose one of these blessings on your team. We have called these Team Blessings and are:

  1. Cruelty = The effect can be stacked up by a single champion therefore further champions only hasten the effect rather than enhance leading to the blessings adding very little value on multiple champions.
  2. Brimstone = At 6 star awakened this effect will be able to place 100% of the time on a 4 turn cooldown. As the Smite debuff is 2 turns your champion will likely be able to replace this debuff as soon as the Smite runs down. At lower awakening the chance is not as guarenteed so a second one could be brought but ultimately it is not needed and should be great on just 1 champion.
  3. Intimidating / Commanding Presence = Only 1 aura increasing effect will work in your team and if you choose the Intimidating version it will also overwrite the Commanding presence. For Non-Arena content, you will want to prioritise the epic aura as the enemy aura is less important (with the exception of Fire Knight Stage 25 where the Defense Auras significantly increase the difficulty) where Arena content should exclusively aim to use the Legendary Blessing.

In addition, Temporal Chains currently does some unusual effects that can lead to enemies GAINING turn meter instead of losing. Until this issue is resolved, you should not bring more than a single Temporal Chains Blessing in your teams.


Prioritising Rarities


In most cases, you will have a combination of Rare, Epic and Legendary champions (but not always!) in your teams. Champions can pick a blessing of a lower rarity than themselves but they cannot go higher. Generally the legendary blessings are the most powerful in the game so you would want to ensure you can prioritise these to your legendary champions however at times there may be an epic blessing that is stronger. Check out our champion guides which provide specific recommendations for any champion.


Team Build: Clan Boss

clan boss team example

Clan boss will be the most sensitive area to ensure you pick the right blessings. Not only will there be less flexibility for your champions with more prevalence for Epic and Rare champions to be in your team. We recommend that you have the following blessings:

  1. Brimstone (Essential)  Prioritise on a Legendary champion but only have this on one champion
  2. Cruelty (Essential) Prioritise on an Epic champion and preferably not your DPS champion and someone who hits many times (to stack this up quickly) – 1 Champion only
  3. Commanding Presence (Optional) If you utilise an aura, prioritise on your epic champion as the Legendary Aura is not needed.
  4. Phantom Touch (Best Choice) The go to blessing for your Attack Based Damage dealers. Defence based consider Crushing Rend (only at 6 awakening)

Team Build: Hydra Clan Boss

hydra team example

Hydra Clan Boss brings late game challenges that allow for more niche blessing choices depending on the champions you use. We recommend that you have the following blessings:

  1. Brimstone (Essential): Prioritise on a Legendary champion but only have this on one champion
  2. Cruelty (Essential): Prioritise on a champion who has an AoE ability preferably A1 to ensure you stack up the blessing
  3. Commanding Presence (Optional): If you utilise an aura, prioritise on your epic champion as the Legendary Aura is not needed.
  4. Miracle Heal (Optional): Great on a consistent healer such as Doompriest however this only works on heal (not continuous heals or leech) and you will only be able to mitigate the same destruction taking place (15% restored when 15% is destroyed)
  5. Crushing Rend (Enemy Max HP): The go to blessing for your enemy max hp based damage dealers but you do need a 6 star awakening to enable the every attack mechanic.
  6. Soul Reap (Optional): Execute the heads with Soul Reap without needing to be built for damage – a go after Brimstone is chosen on legendary
  7. Phantom Touch (Rare Damage): Best damage dealing blessing if no other options available from above
  8. Nature’s Wrath: Great damage boost for hard-hitting debuffers, and the best alternative for Champions that don’t yet have Rank 6 Crushing Rend.
  9. Harmonic Impulse (Optional): Excellent counter for the Torment Head, works especially well with Champions like Wixwell and Lydia.
  10. Neutralize (Optional): When fully upgraded, a good pick for Champions that can burn HP. This Blessing can also bypass and disable Poison Cloud.

Team Build: Dungeons

dungeon blessing setup

Dungeons require you to fight a combination of waves and bosses. This creates more diverse blessing requirements. We recommend that you have the following blessings:

  1. Brimstone (Essential)  Prioritise on a Legendary champion but only have this on one champion as it’ll hurt bosses signficantly.
  2. Cruelty (Optional) Generally you wont get many turns to stack the cruelty but it is not a bad choice
  3. Commanding Presence (Optional) If you utilise an aura, prioritise on your epic champion as the Legendary Aura is not needed.
  4. Crushing Rend (Essential) If you use a Seer or any enemy max hp then Crushing Rend will be very powerful considering the enemy waves have enemies with high levels
  5. Soul Reap (Optional) Executes bosses saving you valuable amounts of time.
  6. Phantom Touch (Rare Damage) Best damage dealing blessing if no other options available from above

Team Build: Arena Go First Team

arena go first blessing example

Going first in the Arena normally means speed teams and therefore the following blessings are normally the best:

  1. Intimidating Presence (Essential) If you utilise an aura, prioritise on your Legendary champion (Epic alternative if higher awakening)
  2. Temporal Chains (Optional) Often teams will use Nekret or shield sets. Using Temporal Chains gives you an automatic advantage in terms of the speed race.
  3. Soul Reap: You need to kill the enemy and going first means Soul Reap will be the highest value damaging blessing
  4. Crushing Rend (Optional) If using an epic damage dealer, this will be the next best damage blessing although will be low impact until higher awakening

Team Build: Arena Go Second Team

arena go second example

Going second in Arena means your enemies will take their turns first. You’ll want blessings that can disrupt the skill rotations or the damage your receive. We recommend that you have the following blessings:

  1. Polymorph (Essential) There is no limit on the number of polymorph you can have on your team to stop the enemy debuffing your champs, stealing or removing your buffs. It is more a stall strategy and can cause issues if your opponent revives after the sheep and destroys your team.
  2. Temporal Chains (Optional) Disrupting the enemy’s turn meter is valuable in go second scenarios. Temporal Chains is perfect in doing this.
  3. Lightning Cage (Essential) Your damage dealers would benefit from Lightning Cage as it can protect your buffs even at 1 star awakening. This will be preferred to than Soul Reap.
  4. Survival Instinct (Optional) If you’re going to be receiving debuffs, get yourself some extra turn meter with Survival Instinct! It has no cooldown and can help you rotate back to your abilities
  5. Faultless Defence (Optional) If you are facing many multi-hitters, Faultless Defense can dramatically reduce your incoming damage
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1 year ago

Great info as usual – thks

1 year ago

Great info as usual !!!

1 year ago

Excellent article!

1 year ago

For the first on the list under go 1st teams, I think you meant intimidating presence not inspiring presence

1 year ago

Very helpful info, thank you! Quick question: I have Arbiter with 2 star soul and Madame Serris with 5 star soul. If I was to go Intimidating & Commanding Presence, would I benefit from the 15% to bonus to my aura from Commanding and weaken the other team’s aura by 5% from the Intimidating?

1 year ago

I see a ton of value in using multiple Brimstone blessings on champions on the same team. There’s a better chance to have it up more often the more champions that have it. Especially now with the accuracy check unless you have a 6*.

1 year ago

I have a question. I build a CB Team UN, and Demytha has 6 red stars. On the blessing I need is a +7 Speed. Does that show on the main stats or only activates in the fight? Because the the speed tuning would be faulty.

no name
no name
1 year ago

i have a question i still cant find the answer to, do i have to put the champion with the blessing as the leader for the blessing to be active?

10 months ago
Reply to  no name

Don’t know why no one was nice enough to answer this! No, the blessed champ does not have to be the leader as you can put blessings on all your champs!

10 months ago

Is there anywhere a list of blessings with full description of what they do (I was hoping to find links in the blessings tier list)? I may be blind, but cannot find it, and I’d rather not have to rely on checking in-game. For one, the game is usually running one of those long fights, but the interface is appalling to compare them all, even on the computer client.

Andreas Eiglmeier
Andreas Eiglmeier
2 months ago

This text was written in German and translated into English with google translate below
Hallo liebe Gemeinde,
erstmal kurz zu mir, bin 70 Jahre alt und spiele das Spiel jetzt seit 63 Tagen.
Ich muß leider gestehen, das ich immer noch keinen Durchblick von dem Spiel
habe und weiß auch überhaupt nicht was ich im Spiel mache oder wie ich was
machen muß. Hab das auch nocht nicht mit den Champs so richtig verstanden,
woher ich weiß was jeder Champ so an Werte wie Speed, Acc, Atk usw. so braucht.
Hab einfach irgendwelche Teams zusammengestellt, ohne zu wissen, ob die überhaupt
zusammen passen oder wie die ausgerüstet werden müssten. 
Ich benutze zwar die kostenlose Version von dem Optimizer (in einer google Übersetzung)
gebe einfach irgendwelche Daten ein, ohne zu wissen ob die Daten richtig oder falsch sind.
Habe leider auch im Internet nix an Tutorials gefunden, die einem echten Anfänger (der vorher
noch nie was mit dieser Art von Spielen zu tun hatte) gefunden. Die Videos bzw. Tutorials sind 
meiner Meinung nach alle für Spieler angelegt, die schon jahrelange Erfahrung mit dem Spiel 
haben. Für komplette Neulinge, wie ich einer bin, dem auch die Ausdrücke bzw. Fachbegriffe
völlig fremd sind, war wirklich nichts zu finden. 
Wie und woher weiß ich, welche Teams die richtigen sind ??? 
Besteht die Möglichkeit mit dem Optimizer auch Teams automatisch zusammen zu stellen 
ohne vorher zig Daten eingeben zu müssen. Einfach nur ein Team aus den vorhandenen Champs
für Arena oder Clanboss etc.
Ich hoffe man kann mir helfen.
Dann nochwas in eigener Sache.
Da ich mit meinen 70 Jahren der englischen Sprache nicht mächtig bin, fällt es mir besonders schwer
im Spiel klar zu kommen. Ich spiele zwar eine deutsche Version, aber 90 Prozent der Infos über das Game
die ich im Netz finde sind in englischer Sprache.
Da ich mal davon ausgehe, das hier auch nur englisch sprechende User sind, werde ich meinen gesamten 
Text den ich bis jetzt geschrieben habe, mit Google Translater ins Englische übersetzen lassen.
Daher verzeiht mir wenn dadurch Fehler etc durch die Übersetzung sich eingeschlichen haben sollten.
Hello dear community,
I’m 70 years old and I’ve been playing the game for 63 days now.
I’m sorry to confess that I still don’t have a clear view of the game.
and I don’t know at all what I’m doing in the game or how I’m doing what.
has to do. I haven’t really understood that with the champs yet,
how I know what every champ needs in terms of stats like speed, acc, atk etc.
I just put together some teams without knowing if they were even
or how they would have to be equipped. 
I use the free version of the optimizer (in a google translation)
just enter any data without knowing if the data is right or wrong.
Unfortunately, I didn’t find any tutorials on the Internet that were available to a real beginner (who had previously
never had anything to do with this kind of games). The videos and tutorials are 
In my opinion, all of them are designed for players who have years of experience with the game. 
have. For complete newbies, like me, who also knows the expressions or technical terms
completely strange, there was really nothing to be found. 
How and how do I know which teams are the right ones ??? 
Is it possible to use the Optimizer to automatically create teams 
without having to enter dozens of data beforehand. Just a team of the existing champs
for arena or clan boss etc.
I hope they can help me.
Then something else on my own behalf.
Since I am not able to speak English at the age of 70, it is particularly difficult for me
to get along in the game. I play a German version, but 90 percent of the information about the game
that I find on the net are in English.
Since I assume that there are only English-speaking users here, I will use my entire 
Text I have written so far, have it translated into English with Google Translater.
Therefore, forgive me if mistakes etc. should have crept in through the translation.ore, forgive me if mistakes etc. should have crept in through the translation.

Johann Bach
Johann Bach
6 hours ago

Any chance this or the blessing tier list can be augmented with the mini-icons that display on champs in arena defenses or as they are picked for live arena, please? There is no in-game available display of those reduced-pixel images, and I struggle to match them. And am loath to set each blessing once just to find out, then reset, given gem cost.

(E.g. Full blessing icon of phantom touch is a black hand coming down to a blue swirling ball. But the champ icon of it is a grey spinning cloud — having that latter image as well so players can recognize the blessing as-applied would be helpful.)