Amius, the Lunar Archon

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Last Updated: 19th December 2023

Sintranos, once famed as the Jewel of the South in Kaerok, has fallen to the forces of Siroth. As corruption seeped into the streets and monsters and foes took residence, the regent of Sintranos, Amius, barricaded himself into the Eclipse Tower seeking a remedy to restore Sintranos to its former glory. In his desperation, Amius began experimenting with dark magic and before long he himself fell under the very darkness he fought against. As warriors arrive at the gates of Sintranos, with promise of glory and many riches behind the forbidden walls, Amius remains in his tower, twisted and corrupted both seeking to end the horrors in Sintranos but also acting as a source of the corruption.

Your task is to fight through the many waves of enemies, bosses and challenges to collect 3 Eclipse Keys. These are rewarded from defeating the most terrifying double boss stages. 3 Keys are found randomly on 12 possible stages across the 4 districts of Sintranos. Only once you have found these keys may you unlock the Tower and attempt to end the corruption once and for all (atleast for this month!). Amius, the Lunar Archon awaits your arrival – will you stand firm and take down the Regent of Sintranos or will you fall under his corruption?

Amius is the Pinnacle Boss of the Cursed City of Sintranos content – Read more about this region here.

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