Skavag, the Spider Queen

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Last Updated: 15th March 2024

In the murky depths of the Spider’s Den, the Spider Queen Skavag lurks with her poisonous brood. Those brave adventurers who are willing to squash these eight-legged monstrosities will find treasures aplenty as their reward. 

Unlike most other dungeons, there are no waves to defeat before reaching the boss, making Spider’s Den by far the quickest dungeon to take down in Raid: Shadow Legends. The Spider boss is your main source of accessories (rings, necks, and banners) for your champions, which are essential for every build as you progress. Luckily, due to accessories selling for more silver than regular artifacts, Spider is also the best way to farm silver in the game.  

Although it’s an intimidating dungeon when you first take it on, Spider will probably become one of your favourites to farm. 

Our Spider’s Den guide has all the various boss stages data, including accuracy and resistance numbers, to properly build your champions, whilst also covering crucial strategies and tips to complete this essential dungeon. 

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