Doom Tower
Published On: December 7, 2020

First Impressions of The Doom Tower


So today we finally got to play the Doom Tower in Raid Shadow Legends.

As expected the first 10 levels on Normal were pretty accessible for most players who were already progressing end-game dungeons.

First Impressions of Normal Doom Power:

(from the perspective of Phixion)

I decided to run my dungeon speed farm team (Draco, Arbiter, 2x Royal Guard and Kymar) to see how far I could brute force. From my experience in the past playing Summoners War I was pretty certain that the first 30-40 levels wouldn’t cause too many issues for my account and that seems to be the case.

There was a couple of waves that I wasn’t able to one-shot but I managed to progress to the boss without too many issues.

On Kuldath the Magma Dragon I decided to play it pretty cautious, I ran a more defensive team as I was unsure of how the scaling would be with the damage. I ended up running Ursuga, Draco, Bad-el, Valk and Ma’Shalled. The boss ended up being no issue at all on full auto. Now that I have judged the scaling/damage on the start of Doom Tower I am going to try and build some more accessible teams for progressing as far as I can.

First Impressions of Hard Doom Power:

(from the perspective of HellHades)

Hard Doom Tower is a breath of fresh air, I have been excited for its release and it hasn’t disappointed so far!

Tough waves but you can call your greatest champions to face them, therefore, I was able to get through the waves fairly comfortably up to the boss level.

The visuals of the Tower are amazing as ever and I love the new challenge this will bring.

The actual boss levels have far easier Mobs but the fights against the bosses require some fresh thinking and strategy. I decided not to fight any secret rooms until I progress further in the tower but am looking forward to the challenges they will bring.

For more information and strategy on the Doom Tower check out our Dedicated page here.

Overall we think that the Doom Tower is a breath of fresh air to the game with the only hindrance being that it is going to be a few days until we really get to experience how challenging it is going to be in the later stages!

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