10x Summoning Event for Insane Champions in Raid Shadow Legends

Published On: September 12, 2022

10x Summoning Event for Insane Champions in Raid Shadow Legends


We have just been given news by Plarium that there will be an insane summoning event giving players in Raid Shadow Legends a 10x chance of pulling 2 amazing champions in the game.

Here is what we know:

(1) Tomorrow, September 13th, we’re planning to launch x10 event to summon Septimus from Ancient and Sacred Shards

(2) And on Wednesday, September 14th, we’re planning to launch x10 event to summon Acrizia from Void Shards

Are these champions worth pulling for?

As with all 10x events, this is just an increased odds of pulling the champion “if” you go manage to pull a legendary from your shards. These events are usually aimed at the more progressed and higher spenders in Raid Shadow Legends.

That being said, Septimus and Acrizia are both extremely strong champions in their own right.

Septimus is a dungeon god, although his attack that scales on the enemy MAX HP is less useful in areas over lvl 20 he has been known to 1 shot the spider boss and can make short work of waves with his A1 giving him another turn after killing an enemy.

And, as for Acrizia, she is an absolute beast at doing damage to High HP opponents. She has a unique passive that will convert her attacks into Enemy Max HP multipliers should the target have more than double her HP. This makes her especially good at killing any boss or High HP opponents in Doom Tower. If the enemy has lower HP she still has a strong hit on all her skills.

Not only does she become one of the best Enemy Max HP damage dealers, she also brings an A1 Decrease Defence and a 100% Turn Meter steal on the a3 that doesnt require accuracy if she is in Enemy MAX HP Mode. Her A2 brings a Shield although this will likely be low unless you put some priority into her HP stat (Which you can do if you do not intend to use her against low HP targets as Attack becomes virtually useless).

She also has some utility to stay alive with a passive that reduces all incoming AoE damage (which accounts for most of non-arena content damage and many arena nukers) by 50%!

Acrizia will have a home in any dungeon or boss killing team and maybe your arena defence will find a use for her. Probably one of the best champions in the game!

Are you going the pull in this event? Let us know in the comments.



  1. SS2020user September 13, 2022 at 6:23 am

    I can inform that every non-void 10x increases your odds of getting Pyxniel by 90%.

    • Schinderdiv September 13, 2022 at 6:35 am

      Guess that makes me the God of luck. I’ve only one Pyxniel and it was from an ancient 2x. Non-void 10x have been ridiculously kind to me.

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