General Murdock

General Murdock

Champion Tier: A

Champion Details

Faction: Clans
Race: Goblin
Role 1: Tactician
Role 2: Rogue
Role 3: Traveler

Key Information

Leader: Yes
Base Speed: 155
Farm: Event

General Murdock

General Murdock is the cog that makes the goblin team amazing. A General Murdock lead team is the Hard Tower team you want to build. That team consists of GM, Gorram, Frank, ATOM and Major Shot or Pigwald. GM is a great Champion but just misses out on the S ranking, due to the fact he isn't as plug and play friendly as many of the other Legendary Champions. Not saying this can't be done but to get everything out of this Champion he should be put in the lead of that amazing team!



Rune Priority

North East: Speed
North West: Potency
South: Crit Chance

Set Priorities:

Speed x4 Crit Chance / Potency x2

Substat Priorities:

Speed Crit Chance Potency Damage Survivability


Artifact Priority

Prefered Stat First: Crit Chance
Prefered Stat Second: Potency
Prefered Stat Third: Damage

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