How to ReRoll in Awaken Chaos Era

Published On: February 2, 2022
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When starting a new game like Raid: Shadow Legends and Awaken Chaos Era it is usually important to make sure that your account is starting as strong as possible to help you progress in the game. Unlike other gatch-style games where you are able to pick 1 champion to start your account, Awaken Chaos Era does things a bit differently.

In Awaken Chaos Era (after reaching campaign stage 2-8) you unlock something called a rookie summon. This gives you 5 sets of summons that you are able to pick one to keep from on your account.

In general, it is considered that the best options to pick from are strong AOE DPS champions to help you farm or picking Mythasia who, amongst other things is the only revive champion currently in the game.

As you are able to pick up Zatlux pretty easily through the covenant quest system I would personally recommend going for Mythasia to start with as not having her will have a larger impact on your game play in the future, compared to getting a running start on leveling.

So what is ReRolling?

ReRolling is the process of starting an account over once you reach the Rookie Summon to keep trying over and over again to get the champion that you want. ReRolling is very common in this style of game as the champion that you start with can have a heavy impact on your overall progression, especially for low or free-to-play players who will not be picking up as many legendaries in the game.

I personally do not like the idea of ReRolling and would rather opt for the challenge of working with the luck of the draw in a game and learning how to build my teams around what I have, however, I do understand why some people would rather min-max at the start to have the strongest possible start.

How do you re-roll?

The process of re-rolling is very simple in Awaken Chaos Era. All you have to do to re-set your account is go to the account settings page and under “account” select the button that says Reset Data.

Reset data

Be 100% sure that you want to reset your data as once it is done, there is no turning back. There is a confirmation screen that you have to click so don’t worry you won’t clear your account by mistake.

I personally don’t think you should reroll, I think that it adds to the fun and challenge of the game learning to work with what you have rather than wishing you had something else.

I am very interested to hear the community’s take on rerolling for a stronger champion at the start so let me know in the comments what you think and who you got from your rookie summons.

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2 years ago

I take your view of things. I enjoy the “challenge” of working with what I have. Sure, it might make things a bit more frustrating, but what’s a game for if not for being able to just enjoy things?

1 year ago

i never new about rerolling till now that is very Intresting but i do enjoy the challenge of going off with what you get from the start makes it way more fun i think but thank you for the point of view.

Sara Moore
Sara Moore
10 months ago

I’ve never heard of rerolling either, although, I’m very new to this style of gaming (RPG style champion battling). I think it’s cool to be able to play around with some champions and maybe I’d do rerolling just to see if I could/would change any outcome of my gaming experience.

I’d most likely try it once and then for the sake of my own style and pace of playing would then keep what I have regardless of the gamble of getting better different champions.

Some people gamble like that, but I’m more cautious, I guess.