Published On: February 28, 2021
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5 Reasons why you should be hyped for Ashes of Creation


If you’re an MMO fan and haven’t heard of Ashes of Creation then prepare to have your mind blown.

Ashes of Creation, could very well be the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the faltering MMO genre….see what I did there? Here’s why…

A Truly Massively Multiplayer Experience

There are so many games out there that claim to be massively multiplayer. But what does that even mean anymore? If it means that you’re on the same server as thousands of other players then sure ok go ahead, use that tag. But it’s 2021 here people, I want it to mean more. I want the actions of thousands of players to affect the game for thousands of players.

Ashes of Creation aims to do just that. The Node system, Castle Sieges, Mayoral election system and other planned features will truly change the game for MASSIVE numbers of players depending on how the world progresses and its players choose to play. Epic.

Regular development updates and news

Game launches kickstarter, game reaches target, developer goes quiet, backers get worried. Sound familiar? Well fear not. The Ashes of Creation development team have consistently provided fans a constant flow of information on how development is progressing from day one.

Monthly development updates are live-streamed providing players with unedited glimpses into how the project is looking. Previous live streams have focused on combat, nodes, mounts and other in-game systems. You can check out the archived updates here.

The Node System

If there’s one feature I want to expand on a little bit it’s this. The node system is the underlying mechanic that will affect every player’s journey in AoC.

The world will be split up into nodes and their associated area of influence. Think mini kingdoms with a capital settlement. These nodes can level up over time depending on how many players are doing “stuff” in the area of that node. When the node levels up the settlement progress to the next stage attracting more NPCs, opening up new questlines, allowing new buildings to be constructed, activating nearby world events or opening up new dungeons.

The progression of one node affects and limits the progression of nodes nearby so not all nodes can level up to the maximum stage. This means that each server’s story will be different. Each player will have a different experience.

This system is far too in depth to fully explain why it’s going to be awesome. I encourage you to look into it yourself.


Somewhere along the way the MMO community became accustomed to slotting MMOs into neat little boxes depending on what features the game has. Sandbox, theme park, PvE , PvP, RP. Intrepid Studios has basically said “hold on, why can’t we make a great MMO with all these features?”

Don’t get me wrong that’s a big ask. But it’s about damn time someone tried to do it. This could very well be the first MMO to finely balance all that content.

Unique Class System

There’s 8 classes you can choose from initially. As you progress through the game you can choose a secondary class which gives you your final class. This system is still being fleshed out but with a potential 64 different classes the variety of gameplay on offer is potentially greater than any other MMORPGs that have came before it.


A New Dawn

It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that millions of gamers around the world are crying out for the resurgence of the MMORPG genre. The scope, direction and scale of Creative Director Steven Sharif’s vision for Ashes of Creation could very well herald that new dawn if it is realised. We’re still a long way from a full release with alpha testing progressing in 2021 and no dates set in stone for a beta. But I’m a believer, and belief is a powerful thing.

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3 years ago

ok i am waiting for it , would love to give a go

3 years ago

Sounds great. Would love to help test.

2 years ago

Sounds good hope it’s better than new world