Published On: March 21, 2021
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New World & Ashes of Creation — The Future of MMORPGs


The MMO genre is hands-down the most sophisticated and lucrative genre in the entire gaming industry. Initially, the cost for creating an MMORPG was standing at $10 million. However, that figure is nowhere close to what an MMO game may cost now, especially when going up against the likes of WoW, FFXIV, and ESO. And in recent years, the genre has experienced a significant decline. What once used to be a prospering and the most-played genre, has not been seeing any new releases.

However, there are two certain titles that might finally revolutionize and revitalize the genre once again. And you’ve probably heard of these games — Ashes of Creation and Amazon’s New World. Though one might be better than the other, one thing is for sure; The age of MMORPGs is far from its end.


Amazon’s New World

New World is an upcoming game by Amazon Game Studios, and it is easily one of the most ambitious projects in decades, especially when it comes to MMOs. The game has a bit of everything — incredible social structures, survival and resource management that is similar to Minecraft, and a combat system inspired by the Dark Souls series.

As the title for the game may suggest, the premise for New World is about colonizing a new region based in the 17th Century. These unexplored lands are filled with demons and monsters, thus the adventure begins by collecting such resources while protecting yourself against foul creatures and other humans.

Moving on, the gameplay is quite straightforward, mainly relying on combat and resource collection. However, fights in New World can certainly be quite exhilarating. The combat mechanics for the game are unlike any other MMO we’ve seen before — real-time action-based fights, that require the player’s reflexes, reaction time, and accuracy to play a key role in their success. Whereas other MMOs always go with the traditional skill-chaining combinations.

Speaking of combat, New World will be striving to produce a game that uses PvP as its focal point. Player versus Player has barely seen any creativity over the years. Nevertheless, Amazon Games Studio is willing to change that by introducing gameplay that revolves around capturing territories and engaging in 50v50 battles for conquering fortresses and towns. Pretty cool, right?

The release date has been confirmed for 31st of August 2021 and our team cannot wait to get started in our MMO adventure!


Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation is a passion project that started off as a Kickstarter project and got funded by the bigger companies in just a year. The game features an expansive open-world experience, that gets affected and changes with the actions and choices made by players. Therefore, it won’t be a stretch to say that the players will be influencing the game’s history.

Players can create their character from a selection of four regions, with each race having two more sub-divisions. The open-world in Ashes of Creation will never cease to grow. Players can purchase lands and contribute to the growth of villages, and see them transform into large and dense cities. Similarly, players can establish trade routes, protect caravans, or become a bandit and raid the caravans — the path is for you to pave.
Furthermore, Ashes of Creation makes it possible for players to create almost anything. From a small smithy to impenetrable fortresses, there are no limits. The PvP aspect is also based in the open-world, pushing players to master the combat mechanics. But, do not worry about Player-Killers as the game features a Karma system to deal with such acts.

Start your own clan, or maybe become part of someone else’s, either way, you’ll be making new friends throughout your adventure, and engaging in immense siege battles with your allies in pursuit of conquering other territories. Get yourself a pet and mount to travel faster. And of course, get married to that certain someone you may find in the world of Ashes of Creation, a game that will be nothing short of the fantastical life you’ve always dreamt of.

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