Raid Shadow Legends Blessings Tier List


Once you have upgraded your champion to Rank 6, you’ve fully ascended them and you get yourself a matching Champion Soul, you have the opportunity to Awaken your champion depending on the quality of the soul. Once awakened, you will be able to select a single blessing which gives your champion unique effects in battle. You won’t be able to select a blessing of a higher rarity than your champion (i.e. an epic champion cannot choose a legendary blessing) but they can select a lower rarity. There are currently 24 blessings split across 4 divinities and choosing the right blessing for your champion is important.

After testing the blessings, we have created this Tier List to help you choose the right blessing for your champion and how you will use them.


A Note on Blessing Exclusivity


Certain blessings may rank high but you should take note as to whether your team needs a champion with more than one blessing. We recommend that you limit your team to include only one of the following blessings only:

  1. Cruelty = The effect can be stacked up by a single champion therefore further champions only hasten the effect rather than enhance. Limit to 1 champion
  2. Brimstone = At 6 star awakened this effect will be able to place 100% of the time on a 4 turn cooldown. As the Smite debuff is 2 turns your champion will likely be able to replace this debuff as soon as the Smite runs down. At lower awakening you can mix and match but you should limit to 1 champion
  3. Intimidating / Commanding Presence = Only 1 aura increasing effect will work in your team and if you choose the Intimidating version it will also overwrite the Commanding presence. Limit to 1 champion in your team (although it does not have to be the champion who provides the aura – any champion in the team can have this blessing to enable it!)

Quick Reference Tier List


Below is a quick reference you can use when choosing your blessings. Read on for more detail on each blessing.

blessing tier list

S Tier


Brimstone – Legendary


Brimstone will apply Smite debuff that will deal tremendous damage to high hp targets i.e. Clan Boss will receive 250k damage per activation. Remember the Activation is only enabled by an opponent using an Active Skill (non-A1) that includes bosses and as of Patch 6.50 you NEED accuracy to land if you are not fully awakened. You want one champion to have this in your team!

Soul Reap – Legendary

Soul Reap summons a Reaper that will execute any champion once the HP Threshold is met (20% at Rank 6 Awakening). The only effects that can stop this is Unkillable or Block Damage buffs. At Rank 5 and 6, the Reaper will also place a Fear. This will be your number 1 choice for any Arena go first nuker and may have some usage in PvE but generally this is a PvP Blessing!

Lightning Cage – Legendary

Lightning orbs activate when an enemy attempts to remove, steal or transfer your buffs. This will be powerful in keeping your buffs on your team. Damage is inflicted on attack and is based on the enemy Max HP. Its minor but a nice addition. You will need buffs on your opponent to sustain these buffs making this far more powerful in PvP than PvE but otherwise still strong.

Intimidating Presence – Legendary


Increase any aura can significantly improve your team (especially speed in arena). Be careful when you face enemies with this blessing it can throw you off and also your own speed tunes!

Crushing Rend – Epic


Best used in High End PvE this will Ignore defense based on your opponents level – in arena this can max out at 6% so there are better options but in Clan Boss or Hydra where levels are 250+ you can get real value out of this blessing!

Commanding Presence – Epic

The epic version of the Aura Boosting Blessing. This will only increase your team aura so it is more ideal for PvE and to free up a legendary blessing for your legendary champions. It is still very strong and you should have this or the legendary version in every team that utilises an aura (remember to check your speeds for any speed tuned teams after activating!).

Cruelty – Epic


Defence is the main reducer of your damage. Cruelty will decrease a target’s defence up to the max of 20% against bosses at rank 6 awakening and 40% against champions. Whilst the effect does allow multiple champions to reach this cap, you cannot exceed it so you will only want a single champion in your team with this blessing. Much stronger in PvE than PvP!

Phantom Touch – Rare


Probably the best choice in many scenarios for your rare champions, it produces damage based on your champion’s attack on each attack. Think of it like a mini-warmaster effect. It’s important to note that the damage scale on Attack values so defense based champions will get less value. It also cannot crit but you can provide your champion an attack buff to increase its potency.

A Tier


Temporal Chains – Legendary

Great into opponents who place buffs on their team or self. You’ll passively reduce their speed excluding the initial buffs placed at the start of the round which is one of the best ways to beat encounters. It’s especially powerful if you run it in PvP against common S Tier triple buff champions like Duchess and Siphi as it’ll cause all opponents to lose 15% of their turn meter. Great for Arena Go 2nd Teams and potentially S Tier if this stacks!

Polymorph – Legendary

Probably S Tier for Platinum Arena but for outside of really high end, Polymorph is actually somewhat an issue. When you sheep an enemy, they cannot die and defeating them returns the original champion back to 50% HP. This is useful to stop the enemy debuffing you in arena but will cause enemies to take longer to die and could even cause you to lose the fight if the enemy comes back and defeats your team. It is by far the strongest stalling Blessing which makes it strong in niche situations.

Hero’s Soul – Rare

Incredibly powerful in encounters with many minions or bosses which can massively increase your damage. It’ll be your go to for Spider, Nether Spider and potentially Hydra if you are using Rare Champions. Against single opponents, it does get outscaled by the damage from Phantom Touch!

Faultless Defence – Rare

Multi-hitters are not that common and quite to plan for except for Clan Boss when it becomes a non-void affinity. If you run a Non-Unkillable Team this blessing can reduce your incoming damage significantly (by almost 40-50%). Its A tier for its niche but a solid defensive blessing in the right encounter.

B Tier


Ward of the Fallen – Legendary

Bone Armor is a powerful buff to help mitigate your incoming damage and especially good if your team dies. At rank 6 awakened this a -90% damage reduction. When you then attack an enemy, Bone Armor will deal damage based on the number of dead allies (you need atleast 1!) and re-applies the stacks for each damage done. Unfortunately, any attack can reduce these stacks and requires your team to be dead to re-apply and makes this really difficult to maximise its potential. Powerful if it works but often just useless.

Life Harvest – Legendary

Destroying max hp can be powerful but it is capped at 40% of an enemy’s total HP. The Turn Meter gain can be significant alongside the destruction of HP. Probably very useful into high HP teams with a number of revivers (Such as a Duchess/Siphi team) and will fully cap out on 2 revives. However the cost of swapping blessings combined with the scenario where at most 1 revive will take place in PvP leads this to be less desirable over other Legendary blessings that can have a significant impact on the success of your team.

Heavencast – Epic


If your champion has a need to place a debuff on the A1 and no further usages then this is absolutely a strong blessing. An example maybe for Iragoth where skills are deactivated and you want to land that A1 Decrease Attack. Unfortunately, there are often cases where you may want to utilise effects on other abilities than the default skill or you do not have any debuffs on the A1. In niche scenarios useful but generally not desirable over other Epic Blessings.

Iron Will – Epic

In niche scenarios versus champions who will attack you via Ally Attack, Joint Attacks or Counter-attacks this can have a significant impact. Certainly against a Cupidus/Venus team in arena or a blender this will help. Generally you may find it better to pick an epic blessing that has more universal usage. A niche but powerful effect if you can make it happen!

Chainbreaker – Epic

This blessing would receive a higher rank if its chances to produce the effects where not painfully low. It has a 25% chance to remove at fully awakened status and the Turn Meter benefit is also not guaranteed and only a 20% increase. However, there are few good options for Debuffers such as Madame Serris and this blessing does grant +40 Accuracy at Rank 4 Awakened. It may be the best option for these debuffers but not because of the blessing itself!

Miracle Heal – Rare


This is the only method to restore Max HP that has been destroyed unless you kill the decay head. In cases where you face HP Destroyers (some Skull Lords on wave content or in Hydra) with the right healer such as Tuhanarak or Doompriest, this is actually quite useful however it only works on the wearer (so other healers will not benefit) and there are just few places to make it valuable. Niche usage but when suitable quite strong.

Carapace – Rare

An upgrade to the mastery of a similar effect, this blessing will give you a significant chunk of damage reduction but be mindful of these hard control debuffs as you may lose regardless. Many empowered and big hit champions can likely over come this blessing. Its a fine option for a Rare or Epic champion looking to tank some damage in Arena in a go 2nd team.

Survival Instinct – Rare

The blessing effect is actually very good unfortunately it loses its ranking in this list because it caps at 10% per enemy turn and you will likely be debuffed only once. It has some niche usages if you want to cycle your team but its far better to avoid debuffs then go through them with more Turn Meter. It is a good choice in arena for rare champions who you don’t anticipate will do damage or be able to avoid debuffs.

C Tier


Incinerate – Epic

Much like the poison blessing, there is almost no reason to run HP Burn in an arena setting and this only works in Arena. Unless we receive a future champion that can modify HP Burn into a burst damage, there will likely never be a use case for this blessing. Avoid this at all costs!

Lethal Dose – Epic

There are so few viable poison champions that deal damage in a PvP setting and this blessing only work in Arena. It only applies to the champion placing the Poison debuff so Zavia cannot utilise this blessing for her explosion. It is however the Best Blessing for Bombers purely for the stats. Maybe a future champion will make it viable otherwise – avoid this like the … plague!!

Indomitable Spirit – Rare

Immunity would be great against these powerful debuffs especially in arena however the chance to make this happen is 25% even at 6 star awakened so its rarely going to happen in an arena setting. You will want to avoid this blessing unless absolutely no better option (in which case you’d often just go Phantom Touch).

Dark Resolve – Rare

Whilst the immunity is great – the chance to land is only 25% even fully awakened. It’s so unlikely to happen you’re better off just taking another blessing even if it doesnt add much more value. Very much never use this blessing!