Published On: February 15, 2021
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Ashes of Creation Presents: The Mage Class!


Mages have a direct relationship with the essence more than the other classes so will seek it out. No team would be complete without a mage in Ashes of Creation. Mages will bring the elements into the fight to deliver ultimate power upon your foes. As you develop into the game your power will grow, you’ll become one of the strongest in the land and they will play a massive part in how your team plays through the game!


The Mage’s skills (these may change as the game develops):

Fireball – The Mage will deal with an aoe damage fire spell. This is fast cast and will be on a low cool-down.

Blink – You can flash-forward in the direction that you are travelling and do area damage upon impact.

Lightning Bolt – This skill produces a bolt of lightning in front of the Mage and any enemies within a radius of the bolt will take damage. As you level the rank it will chain the lightning to the enemies.

Blackhole – The Mage will summon a black hole which will pull enemies towards it, as you level the ability it will snare the target after you pull it. In the final level, The Black Hole, it explodes dealing damage to the enemies close to the black hole.

Gift of the Magi – This ability allows you to transfer some of your mana pool to an ally.

Lava storm – The Mage creates a field of lava on a selected location that deals damage and burns the enemies.

Drain essence – It drains your target and converts their health into mana for yourself.

Meteor storm – The Mage summons a meteor storm which drops 3 meteors at the target location. Each meteor will deal a large amount of damage upon impact.

Prismatic beam – The Mage will spawn a beam of energy that can be aimed around you. It deals a large amount of damage and slows their movement whilst hit.


The elements play a big part in the mage’s kit. The mage archetype offers 4 elemental schools as augments to a character’s primary skills.

Elements have more influence in certain seasons and climates. For example, frost abilities do more damage in the winter months.

The Mages School of Augmentation will offer the mages a choice of teleportation, fire, frost and lightning. This can change the way you play the game as you’ll be trying to get different attributes to suit your needs, you can learn the different elements to complete all areas of the game.

The mage will bear the weapon of a spellbook and this lethal weapon will tear your enemies apart!

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