Published On: September 15, 2022
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Past and Present Raid Shadow Legend Fusions!


Raid Shadow Legends releases a Fusion champion monthly. Hence, players have the chance to get Legendary or Epic champions by completing in-game tasks such as Dungeon Diving to get Artifacts which equate to points in the Tournament/Events that allow you to either get Fragments that go towards your Fusion or Sacrificial Champions that you can fuse into the main Fusion champion.

There are two types of fusion champions, Fragment or Traditional, the fragment Fusions are deemed easier because you need fewer resources and it is a bit more forgiving. The traditional Fusion is a challenge that many experienced players may have faced where you need to fuse 4 champions into the desired champion.

When you are preparing to do a Fusion we recommend going into the Affinity Dungeon Keeps and blasting through them to collect some resources like the Potions because you will need them if you are doing a Traditional Fusion and it’s always a pain when you are so near the end and it turns out you are short a few potions and the Keeps aren’t open until after the Fusion. We know from experience of this so take our advice and farm them before the fusion as preparation. We also suggest keeping spare energy pots in your inbox unless you desperately need them. Finally to prepare yourself get into some Spider Dungeon runs because it is great for farming Silver as this may be a necessary part of your fusion being a Success!


9th May – 24th May 2024: Vault Keeper Wixwell

HH Gaming’s Guide to Vault Keeper Wixwell’s Fusion here. Wixwell was a Traditional Fusion Event.

Vault Keeper Wixwell Portrait

4th April – 17th April 2024: Eostrid Dreamsong

HH Gaming’s Guide to Eostrid Dreamsong’s Fusion here. Eostrid was a Fragment Fusion Event.

Eostrid Dreamsong Picture Profile

7th March – 20th March 2024: Armanz the Magnificent

HH Gaming’s Guide to Armanz the Magnificent’s Fusion here. Armanz was a Hybrid Fusion Event.

Armanz the magnificent Portrait

8th February – 21st February 2024: Wight Queen Ankora

HH Gaming’s Guide to Wight Queen Ankora’s Fusion here. Ankora was a Fragment Fusion Event.

wight queen ankora portrait

11th January – 24th January 2024: Zinogre Blademaster

HH Gaming’s Guide to Zinogre Blademaster’s Fusion here. Zinogre was a Fragment Fusion Event.

Zinogre Portrait

December 14th – December 31st 2023: Blizaar the Howler

HH Gaming’s Guide to Blizaar the Howler’s Fusion here. Blizaar was a Hybrid Fusion Event.

Blizaar the Howler Portrait

November 16th – November 29th 2023: Ugir the Wyrmeater

HH Gaming’s Guide to Ugir the Wyrmeater’s Fusion here. Ugir the Wyrmeater was a Fragment Fusion.

Ugir the Wyrmeater Portrait

October 26th  – November 8th 2023:  Timit the Fool

HH Gaming’s Guide to Timit the Fool’s Fusion here. Timit the Fool was a Fragment Fusion.

timit the fool portrait

September 28th  – October 11th 2023: Bambus Fourleaf

HH Gaming’s Guide to Bambus Fourleaf’s Fusion here. Bambus Fourleaf was a Traditional Fusion.

bambus fourleaf portrait

August 31st – September 12th 2023: Strategos Islin

HH Gaming’s Guide to Strategos Islin’s Fusion here. Strategos Islin was a Fragment Fusion.

strategos islin portrait

August 3rd – August 18th 2023: Emic Trunkheart

HH Gaming’s Guide to Emic Trunkheart’s Fusion here.  Emic Trunkheart was a Hybrid Fusion.

emic trunkheart portrait

July 3rd – July 17th 2023: Gnut

HH Gaming’s Guide to Gnut’s Fusion here.  Gnut was a Traditional Fusion.

gnut champion portrait

June 8th – June 26th 2023: Greathoof Loriaca

HH Gaming’s Guide to Greathoof Loriaca’s Fusion here.  Greathoof Loriaca was a Fragment Fusion.

Great Hoof Loriaca Portrait

May 11th – May 29th 2023: Jetni the Giant

HH Gaming’s Guide to Jetni the Giant’s Fusion here.  Jetni the Giant was a Fragment Fusion.

Jetni the Giant Portrait

April 13th – April 29th 2023: Razelvarg

HH Gaming’s Guide to Razelvarg’s Fusion here.  Razelvarg was a Traditional Fusion.

razelvarg portrait

March 10th – March 28th 2023: Supreme Elhain

HH Gaming’s Guide to Supreme Elhain’s Fusion here.  Supreme Elhain was a Fragment Fusion.

supreme elhain portrait

February 9th – February 25th 2023: Oella

HH Gaming’s Guide to Oella’s Fusion here.  Oella was a Traditional Fusion.

oella portrait

January 12th – January 27th 2023: Pythion

HH Gaming’s Guide to pythion’s Fusion here. Pythion was a Fragment Fusion.

pythion champion portrait

December 15th – December 30th 2022: Gnishak Verminlord

HH Gaming’s Guide to Gnishak Verminlord’s Fusion here. Gnishak Verminlord was a Traditional Fusion.

gnishak portrait

November 24th – December 2nd 2022: Hoskarul

HH Gaming’s Guide to Hoskarul’s Fusion here. Hoskarul was a Fragment Fusion.

hoskarul portrait image

October 27th – Novemeber 9th 2022:  Morrigaine

HH Gaming’s Guide to Morrigaine’s Fusion here. Morrigaine was a Traditional Fusion.

morrigaine portrait

October 4th – October 18th 2022:  Maranix

HH Gaming’s Guide to maranix’s Fusion here. Maranix was a Traditional Fusion.