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(A Simulacrum is a summonable weapon with a skin attached to it – Simulacrums are commonly referenced by the character skin attached to them)

Tower of Fantasy Story Characters

(These are primarily story characters in Tower of Fantasy, however, over time they will become playable)

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Level Caps and Time Gating in Tower of Fantasy

August 12, 2022|2 Comments

When you get started in the game there is a lot to do, however, if you are the "hardcore" gamer that is usually attracted by new MMO releases you will quickly come to realize that you can't simply push to max level as quickly as you may have liked...

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Welcome to our guides for the mobile game and PC MMO game – Tower of Fantasy. Here you will find the latest news, guides, and builds for Tower of Fantasy. Our team is working hard to bring you the latest information on this mobile game/pc crossover game so be sure to check in regularly to stay up to date with its development….