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Welcome to the HellHades guides to Dragon Champions. Here you will find all the information that you need to get yourself started in Dragon Champions. If you are new to the game make sure that you start with our New Player Guide to Dragon Champions.


Dragon Champion Build Guides:

Dragon Champions is a fantasy hero collector mobile game. Here you will find how to build all your favorite heroes!
If you are new to Dragon Champions use promo code Hellhades before level 15 to enjoy a free champion and lots of goodies!
Use these guides to help you with runes, artifacts, whether to level these heroes or not! Each page will eventually have a champion guide to match the hero!
We are currently working to improve search functionality for our Dragon Champion Guides. You can find details of how to build your Dragon Champions Heroes here! We are proud to have Xery (XMG) working alongside HellHades to produce these guides and keep them up to date. Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel here.










Dragon Champions News

Welcome to HellHades.com bringing you the latest news and guides for Dragon Champions, Raid Shadow Legends, Incarnate and Ashes of Creation.

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Dragon Champions Update Feb 2021

February 10, 2021|0 Comments

Greetings, champions! This week we are rolling out the first update of February, and you can already feel that Love Fever is in the air You will find awesome holiday activities in this update, as well as some of the long-awaited and highly requested features — new items in the Shops and divided 80 level battle group in the Tournaments.

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Dragon Champions – PVP

February 9, 2021|0 Comments

Dragon Champions have released a live PVP battle which looks exciting! This is a game-changer for the Dragon champion community as they can finally get that live PvP that they have been asking for. You can either go into a solo 1v1 or go in with friends into a 3v3. This is a great community booster as it brings guilds closer and it requires a lot of strategy and planning.

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Beginner’s Guide to Dragon Champions

January 15, 2021|1 Comment

Welcome to the Dragon Champions! If this is a new game to you then please use Promo code HellHades for some goodies and a free champion to get you off to a flying start. In this article we are going to go over some basics you will need to know to get going in Dragon Champions...

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Dragon Champions Expansion Half Siege

December 21, 2020|0 Comments

The guys over at Dragon Champions have just dropped some exciting news on the upcoming Christmas patch that will bring an insane amount of updates into the game. Remember if you are new to Dragon Champions use PROMOCODE HELLHADES before level 15 for a Free Champion and goodies! Here is what the developers had to say:

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