Published On: April 15, 2021
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Ashes Of Creation – Mounts


Mounts are animals such as horses or birds which allow you to move around the map at much quicker speeds. Ashes of Creation is an open world game so the map will be huge meaning it will take ages to move around the map to get to other places. This is where the mounts come in as they will drastically increases your movement speed around the game.

There are a variety of mounts such as Ground/land, Gliding/Jumping and Royal/Flying:

Land mounts – These will be tier 1 mounts that are obtainable through early quests which is available to players in the starting areas. This will make it easier for all players to move around the map quicker and easier.

Gliding mounts – These are tier 2 mounts that have wings which can be used tp jump, glide and hover close to the ground. These will not be able to take full flight but they will be quicker than land mounts.

Royal mounts – These are tier 3 mounts and these are able to take full flight in the game. These are only available for the mayors of metropolis’s and kings and queens of guild castles. They can also drop from legendary world bosses.

You can also obtain swimming mounts but these are rarer than the mounts and are classified as tier 1.

The speed of the mounts are determined by the base mount that the skin is applied to, therefore the better the skin the quicker your mount will travel.

Mount skins are only applicable to specific classes of mounts. Mounts will be purchasable from players utilizing Animal husbandry and taming.

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oh this looks goooood