Awaken Chaos Era – Gear Sets Ranked

Published On: February 21, 2022
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Awaken Chaos Era – Gear Sets Ranked


So I’ve received a TON of questions about gear sets. “Which ones are good?”, “Which ones should I farm?” “Is this set good on X character?” Because of this, I decided to give my thoughts on all gear sets in the game, rank them, and determine which dungeon is worth farming based on those rankings.

The game currently has 5 dungeons. Each one has 3 unique gear sets that are able to be obtained after beating the dungeon. The question is, why is one dungeon more important to farm than another? That’s where this list comes in.


I’ve created two ranked lists here, one for PvE, and another for PvP. In order to evaluate each set fairly, a few ground rules had to be laid out.

First – These are general lists.

This means that these lists factor all of PvE, and all of PvP. Granted, PvP is only Arena at the moment, but PvE includes areas like dungeons, Void Tower, campaign, etc.

Second – Consistency is more important than speed.

Anyone that has played a gacha game before should know that energy is finite. It is the major bottleneck for most games. The more energy you have, the more progressed your account becomes. Because of this, gear sets that give your runs more safety are rated higher than those that give faster run times.

Third – Damage is HUGELY important.

Damage increasing sets are rated more favourably due to certain areas of this game requiring specific damage numbers to pass the content. Areas like Tulpa, Ash, Arena, and Void Tower all have hard damage requirements. Sets that improve those numbers are rated more favourably. 

Fourth – Some characters are better with some sets than others.

This is a sub-point of the first rule. This is a GENERAL list, therefore, if a set is really good for one character, but lacks a place for the majority, it will be rated low, (I’m looking at you, Guard Set).

Fifth – Some sets are (2) while others are (4)

Simply put, some sets require 2 pieces of gear to unlock the set bonus while others require 4. The ones that require 2 pieces are inherently more versatile and therefore more valuable.


Alright, now that the groundwork is laid out, we can dive into some of the sets.

You’ll find that the Raider Set is rated quite highly on both lists. Despite the fact that you cannot lap people in this game (which means speed is only useful to a certain point) it is still extremely important for proper turn order and to get the first turn in both PvE and PvP.

Revival set is another that I have rated quite highly. This set quickly became my favourite set as soon as I started playing. Getting additional regen every turn lessens the healing requirement and just makes your team tankier and more consistent.

The next group of sets I’ll mention are the stat sets, (Vanguard, Terra, Warrior, Raptor, Rage). These sets are quite simple. They just provide additional stats, and no unique benefit to your squad. These are all generally useful and many are (2) Sets. That being said, oftentimes you will be able to get MORE stats out of just getting two pieces that don’t have a matching set, but have great substats vs getting a set but with pieces that are subpar.

The last honourable mention is the Guard Set. This set is very good in PvP, as it can stonewall a lot of nuke-centric Arena comps as well as counter one of the more important Arena characters, Godfery. In PvE, it has minimal uses, except for Nathalia, who just so happens to be one of the MOST important characters in the entire game. This set single-handedly unlocks several speed comps and improves Nathalia’s autonomy a TON, but there really isn’t a large use of this set outside of her due to you wanting more damage, ie. Warrior Set.


The next part of my sheet covers the dungeon score of the 5 dungeons. This score is based on an average of the 3 sets that pertain to each dungeon. As you can see, Tulpa has a rating of 7.67. This is because Tulpa has 3 average rated sets. This rating gives you an idea of the value that you are getting from farming that dungeon. I think most of the scores are fair, except for Ash. Ash has an outlier, the Dragonscale set. I think Ash is the MOST important dungeon to farm, because of the Avarice and Raider sets, 2 of the most important sets in the entire game. With that in mind, I think the general value of the dungeons goes as follows:

Ash -> Queen -> Tulpa -> Gemini -> Witch (PvE)

Ash -> Gemini -> Tulpa -> Queen -> Witch (PvP)

The piece of info on the sheet is the overall rating of the dungeons, a combination of the PvE and PvP ratings. Based on these ratings, the order of importance is as follows:

Ash -> Queen -> Gemini -> Tulpa -> Witch (Overall)


Hopefully my thoughts on the sets/dungeons will help you decide which team to tackle next and how to use each of these sets. At the very least, I hope it causes you to take a second look at some of the sets, whether they are highly rated or rated very low. I know I do all the time.


Check out the video below on this, by  Veiled Shot Gaming

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