Published On: February 10, 2021
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Dragon Champions Update Feb 2021


The guys at Dragon Champions have just dropped the patch notes for the upcoming updates coming to the game.

Greetings, champions!

This week we are rolling out the first update of February, and you can already feel that Love Fever is in the air

You will find awesome holiday activities in this update, as well as some of the long-awaited and highly requested features — new items in the Shops and divided 80 level battle group in the Tournaments.

And that’s not all — here’s the full list of changes coming to Dragon champions in the update 1.4.29:


  • Love Fever activities: a Competitive Event, a limited time Holiday Shop with rare items and herostones, special Tournaments, offers, gifts, and lots of fun!
  • Reduced the requirements for Tournaments participation for players level 70 and below – now it’s easier to participate and complete your daily quests
  • Tournaments: divided 80 lvl battle group into different subgroups – players with lower total hero power will not end up in the same subgroup with players with significantly bigger total hero power

Added new herostones to the Shops:

Roxy – removed from the Battlegrounds Shop and added to the Star Shop
Count Delman – removed from the Battlegrounds Shop and added to the Tournament Shop
Doctor Frank, Xantara – added to the Tournament Shop
Sergeant Pigwald, Yogi – added to the Guild Shop
Kelrian, Amara – added to the Arena Shop
Shao Lin, Selena – added to the Tower Shop

  • Improved Battlegrounds matchmaking – you will now be matched against more suitable opponents based on your performance throughout the season
  • The number of camps on your Battlegrounds will be determined at your first registration in the season, and will remain the same until the season ends
  • You can now open x10 Artifacts Upgrade Chest
  • Runic Tournaments – you can now get Legendary Runes as a reward
  • Rune Shop redesign: refreshing now always costs 50 Dracoins, Legendary Runes have been added
  • Redesigned player profile screen


  • Added abilities’ level 7 and 8 for Master Duo, Xantara, Salvador, Thanessa, Rantha (except her leadership ability), Alyria and Robin Bad
  • Shao Lin, Cruelle, Captain Pigwald and Instructor Gorram, Mortha and Patriarch Qui hero models have received a brand new look

Balance Changes:

Thalanne’s Secret Leader (Leadership ability):
Increases the Crit Chance of all allied elves by 30%, recovers 20% (used to be 15%) ;of their turn meter upon landing a critical hit, and has a 50% chance to restore 1 turn to a random ability.Can be triggered once per turn

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Sergeant Pigwald’s 3d ability
  • Fixed Uncle Ho’s passive ability that would trigger by any hero’s attack, and not just Uncle Ho’s
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