Published On: April 13, 2021
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Eternals have now dropped in Incarnate!


Incarnate recently had another breakthrough in progress as they have added eternals into their game! Eternals will allow you to have special passive abilities so when you use an ability, for example, your eternal will trigger an effect which aids your incarnate! One example is the Titan’s Dark Fury which allows you to counter-attack any enemies that have taunt up. These small things may be the turning point you need to complete the wave or beat the PvP stage of the game!


As you ascend your incarnate it will increase the star rating which allows you to unlock the eternal slots through the Mind, Body or Soul. You are allowed 2 per component so you’ll need to choose wisely. However, to make your decision harder you’ll only receive a certain number of eternal points and each one you use will cost an amount of points so you could have 1 really strong high costing eternal then 5 lower level or an even distribution but that will be down to you to trail and error the best build you can find!


Gem slots – Each eternal will have gem slots which can give you different buffs to your stats. As you progress through the levels the better quality of gems will be dropped. the better the quality of gems means the more gem slots they have and more chance of a major gem slot over a minor one. The four gems will be; Life, Death, Void and Balanced.

The Life major gem – This will give you either speed or crit rate.

The Life minor gem – This will give you HP or defence.

The Death major gem – This will give you Crit Rate and crit damage.

The Death minor gem – This will give you attack or defence.

The Void major gem – This will give you Speed or crit.

The Void minor gem – This will give you HP or defence.

The Balanced major gem – This will give you more eternal points depending on the level of gem.

The Balanced minor gem – This will give you attributes from the other gems.

As you level your incarnate more gem slots will open up so you best get farming your exp to get as many gem stones unlocked as possible!


We hope this is helpful and it is getting you excited as day by day goes the game progresses further into development! Watch the video below to see some examples and see how useful they will be in your battles!

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