Published On: September 5, 2023
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Faction History: Sacred Order – RAID: Shadow Legends


For the last few days, we’ve been left wondering about a big news drop coming today, as teased on Plariums Social Media, something was coming on the 5th of September.

Well, today we’ve found out what it is…

Plarium has released what appears to be a new Lore Series, diving into each individual Faction, the first up is Sacred Order.

Faction History: The Sacred Order

I wonder if Lumaya weeps when she turns Her gaze upon the world She has created.

I would weep in her place, for Teleria is rife with corruption, greed, deceit, and envy ruling the hearts of mortals, turning them away from the Light while the power of Darkness grows unchecked.

But the evil of Siroth shall never go unopposed.

A thousand years ago, legions of Demons led by the Dark One’s heralds all but overwhelmed the realms of mortal monarchs.

But the Goddess did not abandon us even in the face of that bitter defeat!

She chose a band of Knights to serve as her champions and bestowed upon them a blessed sword wreathed in light and flame. Countless faithful flocked to their side, hearts ablaze with Lumaya’s wrath. At dawn, the Crusaders faced their foe once more, and this time they smote the unholy horde with blade and fire.

It was on that day our Sacred Order was born, its Knights standing vigil over the lands of Teleria ever since. Like our forebears, we are sworn to serve Lumaya and the Order above all else.

We are the crusaders, the defenders of faith.

We are the Righteous Few by whose hand justice shall fall upon the unbelievers.

Ours is a solemn task: to purge all evil from the face of this world.

The Undead abominations, the vile spawn and apostate cultists of Siroth, the heathen Orcs and monstrous Ogryn too – they are all cursed in Lumaya’s sight.

RAID_ Shadow_Legends

But now we face our darkest hour. Confounded and led astray by earthly sovereigns, we have allowed the same corruption we have vowed to destroy to take root within the very heart of our Church.

While we weaken, the Servants of Siroth grow bolder by the day. Yet as long as but one Templar remains true amid the sinners, we shall fight.

And by the Light, we shall prevail. For those who forsake the Goddess, there can be no clemency and no salvation.

They are a blight upon Teleria; a blight we must cut away without hesitation, lest it dooms us all.

So the Order commands.

So shall it be.

What are your thoughts on this Sacred Order Story – Would you like to see more for other Factions? 

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