Published On: June 1, 2024
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Fateless x HH Gaming Fundraiser

This June, we’re launching the Fateless x HH Gaming Fundraiser! HellHades and the entire HH Gaming and Fateless teams are taking the grind to the real world, all in the name of charity!

We’ll be raising money for Muscular Dystrophy UK, a charity that helps and supports people with muscle wasting and weakening conditions.

The aim is to help Mr. and Mrs. HellHades train for their Pedal Paddle Peak Fundraiser, which kicks off on July 6th, and raise some extra funds along the way.

“Simon sits at his desk a lot, Andy can lift cars but doesn’t do cardio, Zack is the world’s busiest team captain, and I (Rachel) seem to be always injured, but here we are taking on Pedal, Paddle, Peak in support of Muscular Dystrophy UK who need support now more than ever!

The wife of one of the guys that Simon and I work with has Limb Girdle MD so we have some idea of how this incurable condition can affect a family. All donations, big or small, are greatly appreciated and I’m sure they’ll help spur us on during training or when we’re wondering why we signed up to this mammoth challenge in the first place! Thank you!”

To support this fine mammoth challenge, the HH Gaming and Fateless teams will take on a (slightly less mammoth but no less daunting) step challenge this June, with the goal being 300,000 steps for each team member.

Keep an eye on the leaderboard below to see who’s currently one step ahead.

Step Challenge Leaderboard

Follow the progress of our team as they aim to reach their 300k step goal!

Total Steps
Molly 181,484
YST 134,521
HellHades 124,119
HenryWhite 101,049
NubRaids 168,977
Symthetics 90,044
Nicolas 86,300
Lady H 106,107
Chosen 157,820
Saphyrra 40,063
Phixion 317,333
CrouchingGrampa 65,315

Get Involved

We’re all about our community at HH Gaming so we’ve created a community group that you can join if you want to take part in this challenge also! There is a limit of 1500 people so it will be a first come first serve but if you want to take up the challenge then “step up” (pun intended!) by joining the community challenge.

You will need to download the mobile app StepUp to track your progress with the community. The app will use your phone’s metrics to track your steps or alternatively you can link it to your wearable tracker such as an Apple or Garmin watch.

Join the “HH X Fateless Charity 300k In June” group on StepUp, a fun step challenge app. Get the app & tap the link again to join:

How will a bunch of gamers play Raid and hit their steps targets? Who do you think will hit their 300k first? Let us know in the comments!

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Gunar Hofmann
Gunar Hofmann
14 days ago

That is an awesome idea :) Maybe it makes easier to step up from the chair and do something good twice, for others they need it and of course for yourself

Logan Thomsett
Logan Thomsett
14 days ago

What you’re doing is incredible much luck to you guys!

Last edited 14 days ago by Logan Thomsett