Published On: March 8, 2022

Guaranteed Champion: Archbishop Pinthroy!


Today Plarium has released a Guaranteed Champion Event, for newly added Legendary, Archbishop Pinthroy.

To acquire your guaranteed Pinthroy you will need to pull 150 Ancient Shards over the next 2 days, which we need to remind you, there IS an ancient shard x2 in just over a week’s time, so you may prefer to save your shards for that.

Archbishop Pinthroy is a Support Champion from the Sacred Order Faction, His A2 places an Increase Accuracy buff on your team whilst applying Block Buffs and Heal Reduction to the enemy team. This will prove very useful in Arena, against waves of enemies in Faction Wars /Doom Tower and perhaps his best place would be in Hydra Clan Boss where there are few block buff champions and is very important debuff. In addition, his debuffs will be irresistible when placed on champions in the Demonspawn, Undead Hordes, and Knight Revenant factions, which contain many of the meta Champions such as Prince Kymar, Duchess Lilitu, and Candraphon.

Alongside his offensive capabilities, the Archbishop also can give your team an Increase Defence buff with a good Heal and a Shield. He’ll also remove any Decrease Defense and Weaken debuffs from him at the start of every turn making him quite a difficult takedown.

Whether you are progressing through the game or pushing the later stages of Hydra, Pinthroy looks to be a great legendary to use in your teams.


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  1. Irishhonky72 March 8, 2022 at 5:36 pm

    Well that champion looks good but you would have to get 150 shards to get them if they only can make it easy to get champions like that with less shards

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