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Published On: January 14, 2024
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HH Gaming Free to Play 2024: Meet the Teams


This weekend we have officially started our Free to Play 2024 Adventure, and on Friday night, Hellhades hosted a stream to pick the teams!

Along with Hellhades, The other 8 Team Leaders gathered together, and each took turns spinning a wheel, which in turn selected the Content Creator who would be joining their team of 6, ready to take on the rest to prove who will be victorious in 3 months.

Alongside the Creators, this competition is of course open to the general community, you can find more about how to get involved by heading over to the Free to Play 2024 Page.

As mentioned, all 54 Creators are split up into 9 groups of 6, where points will be accumulated between the members throughout their journey in RAID, let’s check out who is in which team!

Free to Play 2024

Team 1

Team 1 will be headed up by Skratch, as he ventures into his first Free to Play experience since the release of Ninja a couple of years ago, lots of things have changed since, and Skratch is very used to the pinnacle of endgame content, how will he fare with only being able to use Free to Play champions?

Skratch will be joined by fellow creators to form Team 1:

Team 2

The leader of Team 2, is the King of Armigers, ColdBrew, who is very well versed in utilizing Uncommon Champions to succeed in RAID, But can he take that to a new level and show dominance over his competition?

ColdBrew will be joined by fellow creators to form Team 2:

Team 3

The responsibilities of Team 3 fall to OddOneGaming, perhaps the luckiest Shard Puller in our previous Free to Play Competition, but don’t let that fool you, Odd One knows his stuff, and this time he’s out to prove himself without those Legendary pulls as they’ll only be useful as chickens!

OddOne will be joined by fellow creators to form Team 3:

Team 4

The Man himself, Hellhades has a reputation to uphold and is leading Team 4 in hopes of claiming the crown, after all – it is his competition! Will his fierce team be able to cope with that pressure?

Hellhades will be joined by fellow creators to form Team 4:

Team 5

Next up we’ve got Team 5, under the watchful eye of mtgJedi, who is no stranger to Content creator competitions!

mtgJedi will be joined by fellow creators to form Team 5:

Team 6

Now we’ve got the king of hosting Creator Competitions, and another challenger from last year’s Free to Play competition, where he had a fun bet with another one of the Team Leaders, YST – It’s DeadwoodJedi!

DeadwoodJedi will be joined by fellow creators to form Team 6:

Team 7

The Leader of Team 7 has been rumoured to only have joined this competition to escape Polymorph in Arena, but will his team follow him like Sheep and make him proud? It’s BigPoppaDrock!

BigPoppaDrock will be joined by fellow creators to form Team 7:

Team 8

Coming in as team Number 8, we have one of our own, YST! Will he be hiding his face behind his Genzin mask in shame? Only time will tell!

YST will be joined by fellow creators to form Team 8:

Team 9

Finally, we’ve got a very special team, which will be officially led by Chosen, featuring a few members of the community who you might not specifically know from RAID, and that is Team Fateless.

Chosen’s team from Fateless will comprise of:

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5 months ago

I am new player. But this generator tool is not working expect lightsworn. May you check?