Published On: January 13, 2021
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How to prepare for any upcoming fusions in Raid Shadow: legends!


Fusions are a great way to get new legendary champions in Raid Shadow Legends! These champions could be a great addition to your roster, however, it will take effort and resources to achieve!


You should always prepare for fusions in advance, never wait until a day before because you won’t have the time to get enough resources that you need.

We recommend that if you want to go for a fusion start saving as soon as it is announced.

You should stockpile shards, unleveled artifacts, potions and silver.

You should have a collection of unleveled artifacts because 1 or 2 of the events will usually include artifact levelling.

Potions are a must as often you don’t realise how many you need to fully ascend all the champions for the fusion event and the keeps are locked each day. Stockpile them when the dungeons are open so you have a good starting point.

The arcane keep is always good to grind out if you’re stuck on what to do next.

Silver is also a must because you will burn through it faster than a HellHades regear! Spider is a great way to farm silver. It will give 3x as much as the campaign will.

Try to get 20-30 mill+ silver banked before the fusion and just keep adding to it throughout because you can never have too much silver.


In the fusion, there will usually be a Dragon, spider, Fireknights and Ice Golem event or tournament which you’ll need to grind.  Make sure your team is suitable to get as high stage as possible in a good time.

This will grant you more points and allow you to complete the event quicker.

Remember that having 100% success rate is more resource-efficient than failing a run.


The Forge
This is an underrated silver mine as you can forge the lower level gear and sell it on which will bank 8x the amount cost to make the gear. Get on the faction wars to get the items needed to forge items.


Try to save as many gems before the fusion as possible this is because you will need them during the fusion to get that last push. During the event try and manage your gems efficiently by prioritising energy over spending them on other resources.


You need to decide if you are what events you are going to be going for as unless you’re whaling it will be very hard to complete every single event and tournament.

Some events will link up nicely and you’ll be able to smash them out at the same time. Try to plan your days rather than just jumping in and going hard as soon as an event goes live. It might make more sense holding off on a dragon tournament if a dungeon divers is going to pop in a few hours.


We hope this helps you prepare for your next fusion! Watch the video below for more tips and tricks for the fusion event! Happy Raiding!

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