Published On: February 18, 2022

How to prepare for Fusion Events in Raid Shadow: legends!

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In light of the current Fusion being incredibly hard in comparison to many past fusions, we’d like to give you some refreshed tips on how to prepare for events like this, so you don’t get caught off-guard.

The fusion events for 2022’s Valentine’s fusion, Karato Foxhunter have been increasingly high point requirements compared to the standard we are used to – this may just be Plarium testing the waters to see what they can get away with but we need to be mindful that future events may also be like this.

Since there are only a few days left of this Fusion, and we get one every single month, it’s probably about time to look towards preparing resources for the next one!

Nobody likes to miss out on Fusions, they’re a way to guarantee that your Champion Roster is expanding every month, with new Legendary Champions and we can never predict how impactful they will be for each and every person. Granted some of them are less useful than others, but going back there have been some absolute game-changers!

Preparing for a fusion is not a 1-day job, you should be doing this with plenty of time to ensure that you have the resources that you need prepared, this used to be easier to do upon announcement, but in recent months the gap between Fusions being announced and them starting is much smaller!

Things that should be stockpiled:

  • Shards
  • Unlevelled Artifacts (Taking these to level +11/+15 can also be very helpful so you know exactly where to find items to level and save a ton of time)
  • Affinity Potions
  • Silver
  • Chickens/Food Champions

These things will be required without any doubt in every single fusion, except affinity potions – every 2nd Fusion tends to be a traditional Fusion, where these will be required. Fragment Collectors will not require any potions.

Potions are a must as often you don’t realise how many you need to fully ascend all the champions for the fusion event and the keeps are locked each day. Stockpile them when the dungeons are open so you have a good starting point.

Silver is really important for Fusions, as typically there are 2-3 Artifact Enhancement Events, these can take upwards of 10-20mil EACH, we recommend having at least 20-30 mil banked ready for every single Fusion, and of course – you can never have too much silver.

Other valuable resources to save up:

  • Gems
    Try to save as many gems before the fusion as possible this is because you will need them during the fusion to get that last push. During the event try and manage your gems efficiently by prioritising energy overspending them on other resources.
  • The Forge
    This is an underrated silver mine as you can forge the lower level gear and sell it on which will bank 8x the amount cost to make the gear. Get on the faction wars to get the items needed to forge items.

What to expect in the fusion

Fusions will typically have the following events:

  • Artifact Enhancement Events (1-3)
  • Classic Arena Takedown (1-3)
  • Champion Training Tournament (1)
  • Champion Training Event (1)
  • Champion Chase Tournament (1)
  • Summon Rush Event (1)
  • Dungeon Divers Event (1-3)
  • Dungeon Tournaments (One of each)

The Dungeon Tournaments typically will cost you between 1,800 and 2,250 energy each, depending on the stage that you can farm, these predictions are based on level 20+ stages. You should make sure your teams are prepared ready, to farm the highest stage you can with a high success rate, as otherwise, you will be wasting energy.

Typically you can skip several events, so make sure to check in on our Fusion Guides (you’ll find these pinned on the homepage during any active fusion) to see where you could be saving yourself some resources. Some events will link up nicely and you’ll be able to smash them out at the same time. Try to plan your days rather than just jumping in and going hard as soon as an event goes live. It might make more sense holding off on a dragon tournament if a dungeon divers is going to pop in a few hours.

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1 year ago

About how many shards are required for a fusion? I have 4 sacreds, 6 voids and 15 ancients, is that enough for an “average” fusion?