Published On: August 9, 2021

How to use a tier list in Raid: Shadow Legends

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A tier list is a way of ranking all of the champions in the game, forming a list of strongest to weakest, this can either be done in an overall sense, or for specific areas of the game like ours. While some members of the community aren’t big fans of tier lists, they can be a great way to access concise information about all the champions in the game to see where they are useful.

Of course, all the ratings in our tier list are based on our opinions and others’ opinions may vary from this.


How does a tier list have uses in Raid: Shadow Legends:

A tier list in Raid is a great way to check where the champion you are looking at compares to others in specific areas of the game.

For an example if you had recently pulled a legendary – let’s say you got your hands on Vizier Ovelis. If you were unsure where Vizier could be used effectively, one quick glance at our tier list would tell you that he’s incredible for Clan Boss, useful in dungeons, but not useful for arena.

While what we cannot do, is tell you if he will be useful for YOUR Clan Boss team, our tier list is designed to give you an indication of what areas the champion excels in, where they are most used.


Who should use a tier list in Raid: Shadow Legends:

Everyone can use a tier list, but not everyone should – if you are confident in your knowledge in the game and where things are viable, you may find yourself not looking at tier lists or occasionally glancing at them as a reference point.

For many new players, they rely on tier lists religiously, and they can be invaluable to being able to see where the shiny epic/legendary you just pulled can be used.

But there is a risk there that players rely on them too heavily, when building teams – you cannot just throw five highly ranked Clan Boss champions into a team and expect glory, that’s where you really need to look at abilities and ensure your team is covering all the required roles for the content.

Just because a champion is rated highly in an area in our opinion, it does not mean that they will slot into your teams freely.


Tips for building a team with a tier list in Raid: Shadow Legends:

When looking at building a team, and referring to a tier list, as previously mentioned you need to look first at what specifics you are looking for in your team, for example in Clan Boss:
You need to make sure you have a decrease attack, decrease defence, all the relevant buffs, and damage.

Depending on the content, you will need:


Support – Debuffs

Support – Sustain

Support – Control (if applicable)

Check the champion skills, see if you are covering all the relevant areas in your team, if not you will need to tweak and adjust to make sure things are being covered.

Look carefully at ratings, just because they’re low in one area doesn’t mean that without the right support they can’t do well, it just means it might be harder to gear them/more of a struggle to consistently use.

Let us know in the comments, do YOU use tier lists, if you do – what do you use them for?

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2 years ago

I use the tier list all the time. I am very interested in setting up My Tier list, but when I go there, it just brings up the normal tier list. How can I use this function