Published On: February 1, 2021
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New Dragon Champions Patch and Battle Pass


With the first update of 2021 we squash some nasty bugs like autobattle targeting and leadership effects lingering on revived heroes and minions.

Besides that, we welcome new heroes to Korador, introduce new ability levels for the next batch of heroes, implement balance changes for the Battlegrounds groups and give Hilda some long-awaited rework.

Here’s a full list of changes coming in the update 1.4.18 that is coming this week:


– Will soon become available in the game:
Toole (Order, Dwarf, Tactician, Rogue)
Ambu & Lance (Clans, Halfpig, Healer)
– New hero – Wukong (Clans, Pride, Tactician, Warrior) available from Season of Staffs
– Titania and Uncle Ho herostones are now available in the Battlegrounds shop
– New 7th and 8th ability levels for Puncherface, Boreas, Sergeant Pigwald, Hardorc, Shao Lin, Wonder Lula and Little Batty
– Reworked Hilda’s (Order, Panda, Defender) abilities
– Legendary Ability Scrolls can now be found in Honing Your Skills Challenge 17, some upcoming Legendary and Epic events, among the Battlegrounds rewards (starting from next season), and from Abilities Chest
– Removed holiday decorations
– Updated abilities icons for some heroes
Balance Changes:

Starting from the new Battlegrounds season:
New groups based on average total hero power and changes in Battlegrounds camps number on each side:
– 0-450k – 4 camps
– 450k-550k – 5 camps
– 550k-700k – 6 camps
– 700k-900k – 7 camps
– 900k-1150k – 8 camps
– 1150k-1300k – 9 camps
– 1300k-1450k – 10 camps
– 1450k-1600k – 11 camps
– 1600k+ – 12 camps

– Fao’s Heated Arrows (Passive ability)
At level 7: Increases Physical Damage by 30% and additionally 5% for each living panda on the battlefield. Fao deals 10% more damage against burning enemies. Critical hits inflict Burning for 1 turn if there is living allied panda mage

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed autobattle targeting
– Fixed leadership and passive abilities behaviour when a hero appears in different waves, and if reviewed by Renara or copied by Cruelle

New Hero:

Wukong (Clans, Pride, Tactician, Warrior)

Fury of the Oasis (Basic ability)
At ability level 6 deals 230% Physical Damage to an enemy. If the target is afflicted by Daze, increases the cooldown of a random ability by 1 turn. Otherwise inflicts Daze for 1 turn

Great Staff (2nd ability, cooldown 1/3)
At ability level 6 deals 250% Physical Damage to all enemies and inflicts Damage Decrease for 2 turns. Restores 10%-30% turn meter to all his duplicates

Monkey Business (3d ability, cooldown 4/4)
At ability level 6 summons 1 duplicate with 50% Wukong’s Health and 50% his damage. Duplicate gains 20% of a turn meter. If there are at least 3 Pride allies in the party, on the first use summons 1 additional duplicate and applies Taunt for 1 turn to them. If there are at least 5 Pride allies in the party, on the first use, summons 2 additional duplicates and applies Taunt for 2 turns to them instead. Gains Invisibility for 2 turns. You can’t have more than 3 summoned duplicates at once

Guardian Spirits (passive)
At ability level 6, if at least one of his duplicates is alive, Wukong survives a fatal damage. Any effects active on him are removed. Random duplicate dies instead and Wukong receives duplicate’s current Health and gains Invisibility for 2 turns. At the start of the turn copies all different buffs, except Taunt, from his duplicates and applies them to himself with the same duration. At the start of the turn removes 1 random debuff from himself and applies it to a random duplicate with the same duration

Duplicates’ Abilities:

Sweeping Blow
Deals 100% Physical Damage to an enemy. Inflicts Daze for 1 turn. If Wukong has Invisibility, calls for him to assist in the attack

Not A Great Staff (cooldown 2/4)
Deals 100% Physical Damage to all enemies. Gains random buff for 2 turns. Possible buffs: Taunt, Counterattack, Potency Increase
Hero Rework:

Hilda (Order, Panda, Defender, Traveler) – Abilities Rework:

Defenders Strike (Basic ability)
Deals 210% Physical Damage to an enemy. If this ability deals damage, gains Shield equal to 5% of maximum Health

Spear Throw (2nd ability, cooldown 2/3)
Deals 340% Physical Damage to an enemy. Gains Armor Increase and Tenacity Increase for 2 turns. If Snorry is an ally, he gains Damage Increase for 2 turns and assists the attack

Battle Song (3d ability, cooldown 4/4)
Gains Taunt for 2 turns. Removes 2 debuffs and gains Shield equal to 5% of maximum Health for each debuff removed. Decreases all enemies’ turn meter by 20%

Shieldmaiden (Passive ability)
Increases Hilda’s maximum Shield by 50% of maximum Health

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