New Year 2022 Drop Frenzy Events Announced

Published On: December 29, 2021

New Year Drop Frenzy Events


Plarium are starting off 2022 with a bang. We will have Drop Frenzy Events starting Tomorrow (30th December), each lasting 48 hours. These are:

  1. 30th December to 1st January – There will be a x2 chance to earn Resistance Artifacts from Ice Golem Peak
  2. 4th January to 6th January – There will be a x2 chance to earn Stun Artifacts from Fire Knight’s Castle
  3. 7th January to 9th January – There will be a x2 chance to earn Stalwart Artifacts from Dragon’s Lair

What is Drop Frenzy?


Drop Frenzy are a special timed event that makes 1 Artifact set have x2 chance to drop from the specific dungeon. Each Dungeon has 9 possible sets that can drop giving you roughly around 11% chance to get any 1 set. During a Drop Frenzy you will get double of a single set meaning you will now have between 20-22% chance (depending on how the game code determines the extra odds) of that 1 set.

You won’t see this over a small sample (don’t expect to get a ton of Stun because you did your 30 daily auto-battles) but over 100 battles you will find you are getting your ~20% of the same set.


Should I put my energy into these events?


Drop Frenzy are the best time to run dungeons if you are seeking the specific set on offer. These events however are not the most desirable sets in the game.

  • Resistance – This set is becoming more valuable as we enter Hydra and Doom Tower Hard encounters however it still remains a niche set
  • Stun – A great utility set to help deal with wave content in the game and especially in Faction Wars. Its worth getting a few complete sets of Stun with speed to use on champions with AoE abilities.
  • Stalwart – Incredibly powerful where you know you will expect AoE attacks such as Clan Boss and Hydra but completely useless if you are single target attacked. It becomes another niche set but if you are building a new Killable clan boss team then its worth the investment.

I would not recommend you go Hard on any of these events – the sets are good but this is not the Drop Frenzy Speed and Savage we had a few weeks ago!

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  1. SS2020user December 29, 2021 at 7:44 pm

    Compare to the last 2x gear event we had, this one is bad. Stun gear is decent, but the other sets not great.

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