Published On: June 2, 2021
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Raid Shadow Legends Patch 4.30

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A new Update is due to arrive shortly, and, as always, we have prepared a quick recap of the things you can expect. First of all, Saved Teams will let you adjust the behaviour of your Champions in Auto-Battles (including the Multi-Battle mode) and do it as far as choosing which Skills they prioritize or avoid all together! Playtime Rewards will receive an update and offer more resources as your Level increases. Finally, we have a pack of shiny new Champions for you to enjoy, including one handsome devil of a Dwarf for the June Fusion event, and a number of QoL features. Read on if you want to find out more about these features:

Saved Teams

Saved Teams are one of the features we promised in our latest What’s Next In Raid video, and it will allow you to premake Teams for PvE and PvP Battles. Better yet, it will let you tweak Skill prioritization for each Champion before you send them into Auto Battle! It will become available upon reaching Player Level 30.

The basics are simple enough: you can access the feature by tapping the Team Setup button on the Champion selection screen before a Battle. From there, it’s a familiar ride where you fill specific slots with whichever Champions you want, just mind the Leader as always! In total, you’ll have 10 Saved Teams for PvE Battles (Campaign, Dungeons, Faction Wars, Clan Boss, Doom Tower) and 10 for PvP Battles (Classic Arena and Tag Team Arena).

Each Saved Team can be named, so you’ll be able to pick and choose when going between game modes. And if you no longer have any use for a specific Saved Team, you can delete it at any point.

Skill Instructions

Aside from the sheer convenience of having premade Teams ready at a tap, you can also adjust Skill priorities for each Champion – something that will make life so much easier for farming. There are several settings available for each Skill that you need to know:

  • Default. AI will keep using the Skill as it usually would.
  • Opener. The Champions will always use this Skill on their first turn in Auto Battle. After that, it will be used according to set priority. Only 1 Skill can have this setting.
  • Don’t Use. AI will never use this Skill in Auto Battle. If this Skill also has the Opener setting, the AI will use it once at the beginning of the Battle and then not use it again.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Choices. Establishes the priority of Skills from the 1st (highest) to the 3rd (lowest). The game will use the 1st Choice Skill over other Skills when it’s off cooldown. 2nd and 3rd Choice will be used when off cooldown unless the 1st Priority Choice is also available. All 3 Priorities will override the Default order of Skills.

Playtime Rewards Update

When the update hits, Playtime Rewards will increase with your Player Level. See the shortlist of changes below:

Level 1-30: No changes

Level 31-50:

  • 5 Minutes: 12,000 Silver (up from 7,500)
  • 40 Minutes: 1 Greater Arcane Potion (up from 1 Lesser Arcane Potion)
  • 90 Minutes: 30,000 Silver (up from 20,000)

Level 50+

  • 5 Minutes: 20,000 Silver
  • 40 Minutes: 2 Greater Arcane Potions
  • 90 Minutes: 55,000 Silver

Champion Fusion

This month, we’ll have a Legendary Dwarf Attack Champion available for Fusion. His name is Hurndig, and he’ll be your best friend if you need to blast a bunch of enemies apart or apply some painful debuffs.

QoL Improvements

  • Champion Index will display Champion names under their avatar, making it easier to navigate.
  • Sort by Rank will become the default filter for the pre-Battle Champion selection screen.
  • Champion Rarity filter will become available in the Champion Collection, Tavern, and the Champion selection screen.
  • An option to keep Auto-Battle on by default will be added to all Arena and Clan boss Battles. It will appear as a checkbox on the Champion selection screen.
  • Players of Level 50 and higher will get a button that allows them to access the last played Campaign location with a single tap. That should make accessing XP farming locations faster.
  • Total Team Power for the Arena (both Classic and Tag Team) will be displayed in the Battle & Battle Log tabs
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3 years ago

Honestly: That’s a really, really awesome patch. Configuring priorities alone is a game-changing, top-notch feature. Add other QoL features, and… I can’t help but being excited for it! Not to mention the new champions that fill in holes in a roster (Skinwalkers multi-champion reviver! And it’s a flippin hippopotamus! :D). Excellent patch, I would argue it’s in top-3 patches released during last 12 months.

3 years ago

Agreed! Can’t wait to get a shot at Hoforees. Eager to see what HH finds out if “Horndog” is worth going after too…get on that test server. Thx!!

3 years ago

Armiger again viable Pog…

3 years ago

With Skinwalkers being one of my last unfinished FW crypts, I am looking forward to being a Hofordeez Tusks.