Published On: March 2, 2023
Start your Raid Journey Today!

Raid Shadow Legends x Prime Gaming – Free Savage Gear!


It’s time for the next reward from the Raid x Prime Gaming Partnership, with a full set of 6-Star Savage Gear available now!

For those of you who have an Amazon Prime Membership, it’s time to cash in on the chance to get some incredible gear, especially for newer players who have less access to such gear!

Let’s check out the in-game announcement…

In-Game Announcement

For a limited time only, we’re collaborating with Prime Gaming for 6 unique drops, each containing valuable in-game items, You’ll be able to obtain each drop via a personalized, one-time-use Promo Code.

Once you’ve received your Promo Code from the Prime Gaming website, go to the sidebar, hit on the Promo-Codes tab, and enter your Promo Code. You can also redeem your Promo Code via our official website, linked to on each Drop Page.

You can find out all the details by hitting the “Claim now” button in the Prime Gaming Drops window in Raid Shadow Legends.

Drop 5 will contain 6 Savage Artifacts (Epic Rarity). It will be available from March 2, 2023 to March 30, 2023.

Don’t miss your chance to get these rare items!

Savage Gear

4 piece Set – Grants 25% Ignore Defence when attacking

This set can only be acquired from Fire-Knights Castle. When you deal damage, the enemies defence can reduce the amount you deal. At late to end game these defence numbers significantly reduce your damage. Savage will give your damage dealers a massive boost of damage as it will ignore a significant proportion of the target’s defence. A must for any Arena Nuker or PvE Damage Dealer.

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