Published On: February 9, 2022

Upcoming Super Raid Events – Karato Foxhunter Fusion


Once again Plarium has released the schedule for Super Raid Events, with the upcoming Fusion Starting tomorrow!

Just like we’ve learned from the past few fusion events, this is incredibly useful for speeding up the time we have to spend completing the dungeon tournaments in fusions by a large amount.

The schedule will go as follows:

(1) On Thursday, February 10th, we’re planning to enable Super Raids in the Ice Golem’s Peak.

(2) On Monday, February 14th, we’re planning to enable Super Raids in the Spider’s Den.

(3) Also, on Friday, February 18th, we’re planning to enable Super Raids in the Dragon’s Lair.

(4) And moreover, on Tuesday, February 22nd, we’re planning to enable in the Fire Knight’s Castle.

This means we can anticipate exactly what dates we’ll have these events in the fusion before we see the Calendar, so prepare yourselves for some Ice Golem tomorrow!


As always, we will be posting and maintaining a fusion guide as of tomorrow for the whole event, be sure to check it out!


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