Published On: December 1, 2023
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Plarium has launched a series of festive events that will tie into the Yuletide Titan Event, featuring a load of high-quality rewards, including the final milestone of Tormin the Cold, a past Christmas Fusion Event.

This event went live today, and we have already got various events running to earn points for the event, such as the Progressive Chance Summoning.

Let’s see what else Plarium have said about this event…


Plarium Announcement

Winter has arrived, and we’re celebrating Yuletide in Teleria! Get ready for a very merry time with plenty of Events and Tournaments.

The Yuletide page in the Events tab will keep you updated on all the activities we’ve got coming to Raid this holiday season. From there, you can access everything Yuletide-related, like Events, Tournaments, Summon Boosts, and more. Keep checking back regularly to stay up to date with all the things we’ve got lined up!

As part of the festive period, we’ll be running a Yuletide Titan Event from Friday, December 1 at 08:00 UTC to Monday, December 25 at 12:00 UTC.

Earn Snow Points in clearly marked Events and Tournaments with the special “Yuletide Titan Event” label. Earning Snow Points is similar to earning other rewards like Gems or Shards in regular Events and Tournaments. The more Snow Points you earn as rewards from Events and Tournaments, the more Milestone Rewards you can get in the Yuletide Titan Event.

Throughout the course of the Yuletide Titan Event, you’ll be able to earn up to 2500 Snow Points in total: 1530 Snow Points during the first half of the event, and 970 Snow Points during the second half of the event. You will only need 2000 Snow Points to unlock all the Milestone Rewards. There are plenty of valuable rewards to be earned alongside the Milestone Rewards as well! Also, don’t miss out on free Snow Points you can get every day during the course of the event within Daily Free Offers, so that you can boost your progress! Grab today’s gift, and get your hands on the first reward in the Yuletide Titan Event!

During the course of the Yuletide Titan Event, there will be plenty of various rewards for you to earn, including Sacred, Primal, Void and Ancient Shards, as well as the Void Legendary Champion Tormin the Cold. But that’s not all! Lots of other rewards will be available for you during this festive season – don’t miss a chance to get them all!

The Yuletide Titan Event has started today as a new way to get Tormin the Cold. Please notice that this event doesn’t substitute the December Fusion/Fragment event, so you will be able to participate in either of these events or even both if you’re up to the challenge

Make the most of the holidays with this special advent calendar of awesome rewards in the Yuletide Titan Event!

Enjoy the Yuletide, and Happy Holidays.


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Code: raid4all

Entering this Promo Code will award you with the following rewards:

  • 100 Energy
  • 1 Day XP Boost
  • 10x XP Brews
  • 1x Rank 3 Chicken

What do you think of these Events? Let us know in the comments!

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Sean Pahlke
Sean Pahlke
5 months ago

Anyone know if there will also be a regular fusion during Christmas? Just trying to plan my Shard usage. Is Tormin worth the effort?