Published On: July 13, 2023
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2x Sacred Shards & 10x New Champion!


Plarium has just announced news for the upcoming summon events that will take place this weekend, and not only is it the expected 2x Sacred Shard – But we’ll also be having a 10x booster on a top-tier healing legendary champion – Lady of Ireth.

This Sacred Event will also tie into the Gnut Fusion Event, with the Champion Chase Tournament running alongside it, starting on Friday 14th July – with the FINAL Rare Champion required as the key reward.

Check out our Gnut Fusion guide, with daily updates as each new event/tournament drops!

Plarium Announcement

This was a bit of a different announcement, since it came alongside announcing two brand new Champions to the game, Lady of Ireth and Valkanen, which will feature in today’s Call of the Arbiter Episode.

Along with the news of these Champions, Content Creators received the following message:

“This Friday, July 14th, we’re planning to launch an x10 event to summon Lady of Ireth from Sacred Shards.
The event will be active along with the x2 event. But please note that the duration of the x10 event will be one day shorter than the duration of the x2 event.”

Should you pull shards?

With Sacred Shards already being the highest possible chance to get a Legendary per shard at 6% Baseline, doubling that chance just makes it even more likely that you’ll get your hands on a shiny new Legendary.. or a dusty old dupe that will never see the light of Teleria.

As we mentioned above, this also lines up with an Active Fusion, meaning you are almost forced into pulling shards unless you’re opting to skip the Gnut Fusion…

Sacred Shards often get burned in Fusions for nice easy points, but it feels even better when you’re actually gaining additional value from those shards!

What are your thoughts on this 2x Sacred Event with 10x Lady of Ireth? Let us know in the comments!

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10 months ago

10 gold shards. nothing. RSL says I have gone 17 sacred shards without a legendary.
Last 2x ancient – 170 blues without legendary.
And people wonder why they call me Curmudgeony. Plarium may wonder why I no longer purchase shards.