4 Ways to beat the Spider in Raid Shadow: Legends

Published On: January 5, 2021

4 Strategies to beat the Spider in Raid Shadow: Legends


Spider 20 is one of the hardest dungeons in Raid Shadow: Legends, especially when you are trying to complete the late game missions to unlock your Arbiter. So, here are some strategies for you to try out and beat that spider 20. We hope you can use at least one of these strategies to push your account to the next level.

For stage 1-14, you should aim to try and nuke the boss down as quick as possible. Up until this point you can build all nuke damage and some cleanse if you have it in your champion pool as it will keep the poisons off and you while you chunk down the spider itself.


Strat 1

Nuke team – this can be a very late game and very champion specific so you can only do this if you have the correct champions to do so. The idea is to debuff with decrease defence then decrease turn meter on the spider –  then nuke the boss, preferably making use of a skill reset to double the pain!

This method will only work if you have the champions to do so, for example, HH uses Ghostborn, Seer, 2 x royal guard and Prince Kymar. The aim is to have a quick speed run and get through the boss as quick as possible to farm its jewellery.


Strat 2

AOE burn – This is a common strat which you may need to pick up as you progress through levels in Spider. The idea behind the AOE burn is to burn the spiderlings because the boss takes damage every time the spiderlings attack from. This is very effective in chunking the spider slowly.

The key points for this to work are to control turn meter on the boss spider so that it doesn’t eat all the spiders and heal up. You can place a debuff such as stun or freeze on the spiderlings, this is useful because the debuff will prevent the spiderlings attacking but they still take the burn damage along with the boss spider.

Using this method you will be able to avoid the poisons that the spiderlings place. Two of the best champs to use for this are Ignatius and ultimate Galek as their hp burn is AOE and is very effective in burning the spider.

For the stun, you can have someone wearing stun gear or someone with an ability to do it. It isn’t essential you have the stun or freeze, however, it will help the run and boost the run time.


Strat 3

Negative affinity tank – This method can be hard to pull off and doesn’t have a 100% success rate due to the tank dying then the spiderlings focusing the damage dealers.

To do this strategy you need to have a champion that does AOE a1’s with the negative affinity and build them so they have 27k HP, low-ish defence enough to handle the spiders but not so much that they focus other champs.

They must also have good resistances to try and reduce the number of poisons they receive from the spiderlings, somewhere between 250-260 is sufficient.

Masteries are very important to make this build work. You should have retribution which gives you a chance to counterattack when hit. Warmaster also helps with the sustain. The tank will soak up the spiderling damage and with the counter-attack and lifesteal gear stay alive to keep the spiderlings off the damage.


Strat 4

AOE Provoke – This method focused on provoking the spiderlings so that the rest of the team can kill off the spider without worrying about being hit. The provoker needs to be very tanky and have high resistance to block the spider’s poisons.

Using a cleanse champion in this build can be useful if you don’t have the correct amount of resistance to block the incoming poisons.


We hope you can use these strategies for your team and pick the best one for you. For more information watch the video below and as always happy raiding!



  1. SS2020user April 4, 2022 at 7:00 am

    What do you think about this team idea for Spider 14-20? Mordecai, Scyl, Achak, Armiger and Armiger 2. Scyl and Armiger are 6-stars. I do not own a Coldheart, or any other enemy max HP champion. I would like knowing what you thinnk about this team.

    • SS2020user May 12, 2022 at 7:50 am

      New plan, Bivald instead of Scyl for those CONSISTENT shields.

  2. Malloran April 15, 2022 at 2:50 pm

    We need an advice on Spider 25.
    Strategies 1,3,4 don’t work and it is not clear what Champions and equipement is necessary.
    Just setting AOE burn is not enough (for me) because everybody gets destroyed by the spiderlings which hit like a freight train and several waves are necessary to get the Big One to 0.
    Spider 20 can be basically killed during the first spiderling wave (2 Coldhearts) what seems impossible on Spider 25.

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