Artifact Set Rebalances
Published On: June 7, 2023
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Artifact Set Rebalance – Raid Shadow Legends


Plarium has announced a round of Artifact Set Rebalances, in the upcoming patch due to hit the game next week…

In the upcoming 7.20 update, several Artifact sets will be reworked. This rebalance should increase the viability of some of the unpopular Artifact sets, provide you with a larger variety of options for newly-added content, and also increase the value of 4-piece sets due to the added bonuses.

Let’s check out the Artifact Set Rebalances and see what is coming, and whether any of these sets will see a rise in popularity!


Old: 4 Piece Set – 35% Chance to Counterattack when hit.

New: 2 Piece Set – 15% Chance to Counterattack when hit.

Changing this set from a 4 piece, to a 2 piece is a very good move by Plarium, that will likely see it’s value go up significantly, especially in places such as Clan Boss as an off-set, much like how Revenge Accessories are incredibly popular to squeeze out additional damage in your runs and in some cases amplify the uptime of specific debuffs that are placed by Champion a1 skills.


Old: 4 Piece Set – Grants the Champion a 75% chance of applying a 50% Heal Reduction debuff for 1 turn when attacking.

New: 4 Piece Set – 50% chance to place Hex debuff on enemies when attacking.

[Hex] is a debuff that has become incredibly valuable since it’s rework, especially when it comes to Hydra Clan Boss, which is truly where this set may see a fair bit of use, although in many situations, a Champion who can reliably bring Hex is likely to be the go-to, however for some who cannot fit a Hex Champion into their team / do not have good options – this is a great substitute – much better than the original Heal Reduction version!


Old: 4 Piece Set – 45% Chance to Counterattack when hit with a Critical Hit.

New: 4 Piece Set – 45% chance to Counterattack if a debuff is placed on the wearer.

The changes to Avenging are interesting, although will likely see very little use, especially in PVP Content where the use of debuffs has diminished since the introduction of Polymorph as a blessing, as using debuffs puts you at risk of turning into a Sheep!

It’s unfortunate, but this set will probably remain in the lower tier of artifact sets for the foreseeable future.


Old: 4 Piece Set – Increases Damage by 5% for every 10% HP lost. Stacks up to 25% Damage.

New: 4 Piece Set – Damage increase based on lost HP. 100-75% = +10%, 75-51% = +25%, LESS THAN 50% = +50% damage

The Fury changes are one of the more exciting ones that have been announced, especially considering champions such as Leorius the Proud, and unkillable clan boss teams, with the increase of damage going from 25% to 50% being very significant, there remains a possibility that Fury MAY be more valuable than Savage/Lethal for Leorius if he will be reliably dropping under 50% HP.


Old: 4 Piece Set – Increases value of Healing done by the Champion by 20%.

New: 4 Piece Set – +20% Bonus Healing, restores destroyed HP equal to bonus healing.

The changes to Curing could be valuable in Hydra Clan Boss depending on how it interacts with the Head of Decay, if it is able to continuously get rid of the destroyed MAX HP on your team, you may see certain healers swapping into the Artifact set in the future!


Old: 4 Piece Set – The wearer’s Turn Meter increases by 10% for every 5% HP lost from each hit of an enemy attack.

New: 4 Piece Set – The wearer’s Turn meter increases by 5% per debuff received.

YST is already sweating at the possibility that his Conellia fun is over, with these changes – further testing will have to be done, but it could be curtains for one of the most interesting Solo Champions we’ve seen in Raid!


Old: 4 Piece Set – Adds 30% C.DMG and has a 20% chance to deal a Critical hit instead of a Weak Hit if a weak hit happens.

New: 4 Piece Set – Adds 30% C.DMG and has a 50% chance to deal a Critical hit instead of a Weak Hit if a weak hit happens.

The fact that the chances of this set activating has over doubled, is very interesting. At present, this set is a complete waste of time and is only useful for generating silver from the Forge, but with the chances going up to 50%, we will have to see if anyone takes use of this and begins to use this artifact set!


What are your thoughts on these Artifact Set Rebalances? Let us know in the comments!

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11 months ago

The changes to Fury sound pretty good! Not sure i like the thought of even more powerful Leorius nukes as i don’t have one but am routinely wiped by him in Live Arena. That said, my budget Leo (Skullcrown) could become a Arena contender again.

11 months ago

retaliation change is a buff and nerf at the same time. now wearing 4 piece gets you 30% instead of 35%. the 2 piece should be a little bit stronger than it is. IMO 18-20% would have been good.

11 months ago
Reply to  meewhal

You could use 6 pieces for 45%

11 months ago

Rebalance?? This just seems like a lot of lower tiered trash changes. I will continue to NOT farm for these useless gear sets.

11 months ago

The Frenzy change sucks. It was a wonderful set for some very specific sets ups. Skytouched was amazing in it, some cleansers and healers it was a nice auto panic button.

I’m down with the affinity break change. I use it on Alure so her A1s don’t end up as weak hits.

Avenging seems like a nerf.

Cursed at least does something no other set can and with there being quite a few hex mechanics it think it will allow some people to actually utilize hex champions without a dedicated hex placer.

Fury is a nice change and straight up buff.

Curing the jury is out on it I wish it applied after all other modifiers.

I’m not hating on the retaliation change being able to go from 35% to 45% counter attack only benefits the champions it was useful on already.

11 months ago

A “Block debuff” buff or a too high resist will make the new Frenzy set useless.

11 months ago

Avenging and Frenzy changes seem more like a nerf, will get less use if anything.
Retaliation might get some use as a 2 piece filler set, not a huge change.
Curse better than before but still dont think it will get much use.
Fury is probably the best change, will get some use unkillable Clan Boss teams
Curing changes could be good in Hydra like said above.
Affinity breaker, better than before but still not great.

how about some extra gear slots instead ? all these new sets introduced or rebalanced sets and no space to store them, put the storage up to 2000 or 1800 at least.