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Published On: December 26, 2020
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Champion Training Event – 1 in 100 people get Sir Nicholas


Today Plarium have dropped a HUGE bomb today with the champion training event that they launched. 

During the training event players will be competing to get their hands on the void legendary champion Sir Nicholas as the top reward for each group.

Sir Nicholas is one of the best all round legendaries in the game, let alone in the void category so picking him up during this event will be huge for any account that do not already have him.

Sir Nicholas can be a staple to your team in Faction Wars, Doom Tower and even enable unkillable setups in Clan Boss.

As one of the hardest hitting HP based champions in the game not only can you build him really tanky/he can hit like a beast too! Sir Nicholas is basically a Miscreated Monster on steroids and that is saying a lot.

If you are planning on going hard on this event then you should be aiming to focus on levelling as much food as possible to get you through the event.

We have posted a video to help you make your decision.


One thing to keep in mind with this event is that the actual global rewards are not anything special, so, although people will for sure be going hard to win their group, the chances are that that most won’t go full whale for the global boards.

With these events only 1 out of 100 players will be able to get hold of this champion so it can be luck of the draw over who you have been pared up with. However, if you have a backlog of gems to burn this could be the ideal time to push for that number one spot.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season and wish you all the best of luck with this event!

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