Published On: August 16, 2021

Every Legendary in 2 lines or less – Dwarves

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Masters of hammer and axe, the Dwarves stood firm, thwarting the invading waves of Siroth’s minions as they attacked their homes deep beneath the mountains of Teleria. Now to quench their thirst for revenge, the Dwarves march on to the surface to take back, in blood and gold, what is rightfully theirs.

Trunda Giltmallet: She is the most busted Arena nuke Champion in the game, out damages everyone by a mile. But don’t sleep on her for other areas of the game she is amazing everywhere.

Underpriest Brogni: What a Champion! He brings everything you need to stay alive – massive Shields, Buff removal and a HP Burn on his A1, and his Reflect Passive is amazing for Clan Boss. Brilliant Champion.

Hurndig: A recent fusion, this hard-hitting Dwarf has some cool skills and a great Passive, make sure you build him with 100% crit rate to activate his AOE A3.

Mountain King: He is the Mountain King and the King of the single target slams. Build him with enough HP, crit rate and crit damage and watch the enemies fall over.

Maulie Tankard: This is probably the best answer to a Hegemon team with a Passive that grants your team extra Turn meter when hit. She also has AOE Provoke and a great Revive. Solid Champion.

Samar Gemcursed:  Needs a buff. His Passive is annoying to face in the Arena. That’s all.

Tormin the Cold: Account changing Champion if you are struggling in any area of the game. Put Tormin in and he will help you through that content, AOE Provoke, AOE Freeze and a passive that has a chance to Freeze your enemies when they place a Buff.


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