Hex Rework & Reserve Vault! Coming Soon!

Published On: July 4, 2022

Hex Rework & Reserve Vault! Coming Soon!

Plarium has released some information about 2 of the upcoming features/changes for the patch that we are expecting later this week, let’s take a little look!

Hey folks!
The new patch is right behind the corner, so I just wanted to share a few cool things we’re planning to add right after the release.

(1) Reserve Vault
With the new update, the Vault will be divided into two distinct sections – the Master Vault (the good old Champion Vault but with a new name) and the Reserve Vault.
The Reserve Vault will work similar to the Master Vault, except that you can only send Champions without Artifacts or Accessories equipped there. It will have 300 Slots maximum that can be unlocked gradually for Silver or Gems, albeit the price will be lower when compared to the Master Vault.

As the Champions in the Reserve Vault can’t have any gear, you’ll be prompted to remove anything that might be currently equipped with a pop-up at the very same moment you attempt to move a Champ there. Other than that, you’ll be totally able to use those Champions exactly the same way you use those stored in the Master Vault.

(2) Hex Rebalance
We’ve decided that this particular debuff needed some love. Thus, we aimed to make it more useful. As of the new update, Hex will work as follows: Champions under this debuff receive damage whenever their allies do (10% for single-target attacks, or an additional 2% for AoE attacks), this is extra damage and it is not subtracted from the actual attack. Champions under Hex debuffs only take extra damage from direct attacks on their allies, not lasting effects such as Poison, HP Burn, Bomb debuffs, Reflect Damage buffs, etc, but the damage from Hex ignores the Champion’s DEF.

How do you feel about these changes? Let us know in the comments as always! 

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