Published On: January 31, 2022
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How Stats Work in Awaken Chaos Era

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As many of you may have seen we are now covering some content on Awaken Chaos Era as we feel this game has a lot of potential and many people within our community are having a lot of fun with this game. Phixion is creating video content on Awaken Chaos Era here to help you get started, alongside these articles to help you with the information in a more structured written format.

How do stats work in Awaken Chaos Era

When you enter Awaken Chaos Era you will feel fairly familiar with the stats available on your champions. These stats are reflected in most turn-based RPG games, however, there are a few differences in Awaken Chaos Era that any player picking it up from Raid Shadow Legends should be aware of.

Stat What it does
Attack Attack affects your champion’s ability to deal damage in the game. By increasing the attack stat you will increase the damage output of the champion.
Health (HP) The Health or HP Stat increases the maximum damage that a hero can take before dying. It is important to note that the more HP you have does not impact the damage you take, just the amount of damage that your champion can receive overall.
Defense Defense increases the amount of the received damage that is absorbed before being applied to the HP pool of your champion. In short – the higher you can get this stat, the less damage you take.
Speed In Awaken Chaos Era, speed works a little differently to Raid Shadow Legends as you can not lap your opponents in this game. The speed of your champions will determine their initial turn order, not give them a chance to go twice for each turn.
Crit Rate Crit Rate increases your chances of landing a critical strike. In Awaken Chaos Era, critical strikes deal 150% of the attack’s normal damage.
Crit Dmg Crit Damage increases the 150% base damage caused by inflicting a critical strike
Focus Focus is the same as accuracy in other games, this increases the chance for you to land effects such as bleeds, poisons and debuffs
Resistance Increases your chance to avoid effects being placed on your champion
Agility Ability to deflect attacks, which will reduce damage by 50%
Precision Increasing this stat will increase the chance of attacks being deflected.
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2 years ago

Just downloaded this game today. Looking forward to your nuggets of info on this one. Great work on this website too. Thanks for all your efforts.