Published On: August 31, 2022

How to Gear Ultimate Deathknight in Raid Shadow Legends


Today is the day! We have our hands on Ultimate Deathknight and can finally playtest where and how he can be utilized on our accounts.

Unfortunately, as it stands, he won’t see a massive amount of use in the endgame, but the same cannot be said for new or progressing accounts who are working their way through areas of the game.

So, today we’re going to take a look at different ways that you could build your Ultimate Deathknight and how effective they may be.


Damage Build

First of all, we’ll take a look at his damage potential, based on Hellhades’ Damage Test with all relevant buffs in Dragon – Ultimate Deathknight in solid Savage gear was capable of clearing waves hitting over 250k on all enemies with his A2, however, the gear requirements for this are very high as you’ll see below.

However, it is worth noting that Ultimate Deathknight IS a top 20 Defense based nuker, but it may not be the most optimal way of building him.


General Progression Build

For this one Hellhades took to his Free to play account to make it more relatable for the community since the gear requirements for builds on his main account are hard to replicate for a large portion of the player base – and this is where he shines.

When booking Ultimate Deathknight you only care for his A2 and A3 as the benefit of booking his A1 is not very important – his main job will be to use Decrease ATK and provide shields and heals for your team.

The setup used here uses a generic Warmaster build to provide additional damage on bosses.

Considering we were given Regeneration gear for the daily login rewards while collecting our Ultimate Deathknight many people will have access to a decent set of this with any luck at all, and it is a great choice when gearing him.

When it comes to stat requirements, you want to aim for the following:

  • Relative Speed for the content you’re facing – we always suggest a minimum of 170 Speed
  • Relative Accuracy for the content you’re facing – Unless you’re pushing high into Doom Tower Hard, Hydra or Arena – around 220 Accuracy will be perfect.
  • Defense – Not only does his aid his survival, but also his damage scales from Defense, along with his shield on his A3.
  • HP – We don’t want Deathknight do fall over easily, especially as he’s soaking any single-target hits from his passive.
  • Critical Rate & Critical Damage – Of course we want to squeeze out any additional damage that we can where possible, so if you are in the position to do so, be sure to add some of these with the aim of having 100% Critical Rate in your build – this may not be possible for those who are very early in the game, however.

Now that we’ve covered HOW to build him for this type of build, let’s take a look at how he performs in specific areas, starting with Ice Golem 20 – A stage that actually Hellhades had not cleared with his Free to Play account yet.

Ice Golem is known for hitting incredibly hard if you’re not careful, as he ignores defense while his adds are alive and triggering his big hit with them still active can be lethal – usually, you can negate this by using poison damage as they do not trigger his big hit.

Ultimate Deathknight was successfully able to protect the team and mitigate damage from the stage allowing a successful Stage 20 Clear, as well as clearing further ahead – proving to be a great addition for an early progression team for Ice Golem.

This will work similarly in Dragon, however less impactful as the Dragon does not hit as much as Ice Golem and is generally easier to survive!

Finally, for this build we’ll take a look at Spider, because of Ultimate Deathknight passive ability to transfer single target damage to himself is incredible, because regardless of who you use as the tank to soak the damage, it can be mitigated onto him allowing you to build him very tanky and worry less about your other team members dropping as you can 100% predict where the damage will be going. Of course, you will need a team that can actually take down the Spider along with him to clear stages, but he will be a huge help for progression!

Side note – if Ultimate Deathknight is a positive affinity for the stage, he will transfer some of the hits to him as weak hits too! Even if they are strong hits against the original target!


Solo Ice Golem / Dragon 25 Build!

You heard it right! Ultimate Deathknight joins the ranks of Champions who are able to SOLO the highest possible stage Ice Golem and Dragon, allowing you to rank up food whilst farming gear!

Usually, when it comes to soloing dungeons you expect to see Champions in Regeneration gear, however that’s not the case with Ultimate Deathknight – because of his healing on his A3 he does not need to rely on the healing from Regen gear to stay alive, instead allowing you to push into Toxic gear to increase his damage output – which enables you to farm both Dragon AND Ice Golem completely alone.

For this build you do not need to focus on damage stats at all – all of your priorities can go into ensuring you place your Decrease ATK and stay alive – whilst also adding in resistance to not get debuffed by the enemies.

These runs are not the fastest, with roughly 9 minutes on Ice Golem, and 6:30 in Dragon – of course, this could vary depending on your luck from Toxic set, this could also be sped up with Revenge accessories as the counterattacks would be able to place poisons too!


Have you built your Ultimate Deathknight yet? If so – How have you built him? Let us know in the comments!



  1. SS2020user August 31, 2022 at 11:38 am

    I am not going to change my opinion about this champion beeing bad. He has an AOE dec atk, and that is it. His shield is THE WORST IN THE GAME, and his A1 is decent. If he WASN’T force affinity he would be decent for IG, but without Helicath it would be very hard to survive 21+. He is decent for FW. He doesn’t fill my requirement for a leggo, which is that they are GREAT in at least one area of the game. Lonatharil is. Nari is. This guy isn’t. I believe it’s cool he can solo stuff, but for an average player that isn’t very useful, because of time. Somehow this guy is worse than Deliana, as she is decent for Hydra. I had high hopes for this guy, but all I am going to say is that he is extremly underwhelming. #JusticeForDeathknight

    • saflk August 31, 2022 at 11:08 pm

      Well no one asked about your opinion, and if you can solo stuff, for the average player that is great, even if it takes a lot of time, because at least you can do it. His shield is not the worst in the game, you are being very dramatic. He’s actually better than I expected based on all of the negative comments he’s been getting. He is great for FW because that boss has the SINGLE TARGET A1 that ignores defence. His passive will redirect the damage onto him ,protecting your squishies.

      • SS2020user September 1, 2022 at 10:43 am

        That is true, he is great for FW. That’s it. His shield is small compare to most other shielders, and soloing stuff in over 5 minutes is not very useful to me at least. After all the campaign exist for exp, and dungeos are for gear for me at least. And gear i want fast. If you can run this game 24/7, then soloing is great. For the AVERAGE PLAYER, a lot of soloing is too slow.

    • alphallama September 1, 2022 at 12:30 am

      you must be out of your mind or must be a super whale with every meta champ in the game, you’re not, then you are just plain out dumb. He does what sepulcher sentinel does, but better… you can anticipate the dmg and be prepared unlike miss RNG sepulcher. He pretty much comes with a version of deflection gear set out the box. Here are a few things to note, 1. he is a free defense based legendary login champ, 2. he is a meme champ with his own twitter following. do you have a twitter following? this dude is great and you can expect to see him a lot in arena and 3v3. fought one just now and it took everything to beat him since mine was on team 2 and i was facing team 3. His passives are nuts, his skill set is nuts. If you have a def down champ to pair him up with you will be very happy with the outcome, I know I am. lonatharil is a waste IMO we don’t need more legendary high elves there are too many and some have no utility, plus he can easily be beat without much, now to beat this guy its going to be tough especially with a good supporting cast. I get we all have different expectations but for you to say he isn’t good you are absolutely wrong. For new accounts or veteran lvl 100 accounts like mine, he is very good. I put him up there with scyl and above deliana. Deliana is good, but she isn’t UDK. #justiceserved

      • Phixion September 1, 2022 at 9:28 am

        Please keep discussion friendly guys :)

      • SS2020user September 1, 2022 at 10:53 am

        Firstly, where does deflection gear come into all this? Secondly, this guy is great fo endgame arena to counter Rotos and Mountain King, but the rest of his kit isn’t great for the arena. What I am expecting is that in low Gold V (where most people atm are) there will be a bunch of defenses with him, Scyl, Deliana and someone else, which will get destroyed by any speed team. Sepulchers passive isn’t great in my opinion, if anyone uses her for it I would be suprised. I use her in my unkillable to block debuffs, as I don’t own Marked or anyone else. I can see an early game player getting a bit of use from him, but he is defentivly not worth any books. My account is in the midgame, with all dungeons 20 beaten, all dt beaten, always in Gold 3 minimum no matter the meta, Silver 2 TTA, Normal Hydra 1-3 key depending on rotation, UNM 2 key. I don’t see anywhere outide of Faction Wars I would use him. For an early game player he can be decent for Dragon and Spider, and if booked be your dec atk for cb. There are so many good champions that deserve books more than him. I am a FTP player, and i have at least 3 legendaries I want to book. This guy is nowhere near them. If you know where I would use him, then tell me. I am not interested in soloing content.

    • LordBanshee September 1, 2022 at 2:30 pm

      Because UDK can solo deep dungeons, he alleviates the main issue my 140-day account has: crap gear, especially in CR% and CD%. My account is lucky to achieve HALF the stats HH posts in this article. Even Helicath becomes a crap champion in my gear.
      Well, the fix for that is better gear, and the fix for that is the ability to travel in deep dungeons and get lucky on the rank and stat rolls.
      Bivald was supposed to get me deep into Spider dungeons, then Helicath was. We can’t break into Spider-15. Dragon-16 is the farthest we get; UDK can solo Dragon-25 if good gear is used. Hopefully UDK starts the avalanche where I can finally acquire great gear in a consistent manner, even if it’s slow, I have hundreds of multi-battles. I just want to get my hands on good gear.

  2. Supatag August 31, 2022 at 8:30 pm

    He’s awesome. No one’s mentioned that in CB, he is always the stun target, which is another huge plus for progression, since speed-tuning is easy when you know what will happen

    • SuperCactusDude September 1, 2022 at 5:35 am

      not necessarily. remember that the passive only has 50% chance to transfer damage against bosses

  3. LordBanshee September 4, 2022 at 11:13 pm

    “Has actually got genuine utility, at a Plat-Level Arena, to completely change the face of the Meta”

  4. Classified September 5, 2022 at 11:01 pm

    I put my UDK in Deflection Gear (HP, Def, Chance to Reflect Debuffs he takes as target changer).
    I play him with Miscreated Monster; the combo of UDK taking the hits and MM splitting damage plus both shielding the grup and UDK giving MM another 15% Heal is super effective.
    Would probably work with Nazana or other damage splitters well too.

  5. ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΣ ΔΕΣΠΟΤΙΔΗΣ September 19, 2022 at 4:34 pm

    LordBanshee i m 205 days in the game…i was in G1 in arena,spider 16,ice golem 16 dragon 20,and fire night16…after i obtained DREXTHAR and UDK, Iam ice golem 21,spider 24(90% winrate there,100% at 20),fire night 22 and dragon at 21 and climped at G5 in arena which i thought it was impossible when i started the game..i fully booked his a2 and a3(f2p-low spender)..never regreted it…i am not soloing anything…surely not an s-TIER leggo but for f2p players he is a beast..!!

  6. Cruetraxa October 12, 2022 at 9:46 pm

    I would also like to point out that unless your using his aura you should put him in last position because of his To awesome to die ability.

  7. Waynestir October 15, 2022 at 1:28 am

    Late to the game:
    Only started really playing less than couple months ago. Acquiring UDK has really helped my progress on all my accounts. I got him with regen gear (they are giving life steal with him atm). On one of the accounts it was the perfect stat setup for his kit and was able to push him solo through most content. Gear acquisition is still difficult. I have not gotten a good enough piece yet to further my progress! The other huge problem I have is champion poo; I’ve not gotten any good let alone great ones to level up. I only have 2 lvl 60’s on 3 of my accounts and only UDK lvl 60 on the 4th. (yes I play them all daily)

    Back on topic, I would say for my accounts the only viable gear thus far has been the regen sets I got with him. His survivability with anything else I have is pretty much zero.

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