Published On: March 7, 2021
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The lore of incarnate and the boss levels!


Incarnate is based in a kingdom that is owned by Pria and the void. These are 2 separate areas which are what Incarnate is build upon. Pria then shatters herself into fragments in order to expand her kingdom against the void which is ever-growing. By doing this Pria gives birth to 8 creators who are called; Ama, Berdea, Tyr, Akeri, Reika, Naielle, Tanin and Kura. These creators are a branch off of Pria. The kingdom is protected by the veil which prevents the void from taking over it, this protects the kingdom from the Voids negative effects. The creators each have their own kingdom within Pria’s where they are able to create as they wish to protect themselves from the void. Each creator is linked to their kingdoms with a soulbond so essentially each kingdom is the creator’s soul.

The creators are curious about the other kingdoms so they start to mess with each other and try to destroy bits of them. Berdea was the first to create a judge that allows her kingdom to be private and all peace is maintained. Soon after Berdea’s judge was made others were asking for help to create a judge to keep the balance in the kingdoms.

Berdea then secretly pierces the veil to investigate the void but the void changed her and she wasn’t the same as she was before. She then convinces the other creators that the void needs watching!

Kura is displeased with her judge and offers him up to be the voidwatcher which then turns her judge into a voidwalker who watches the void and sees the souls floating around so it is his job to oversee it.

Tyr’s Kingdom:

Tyr’s kingdom is where the early bosses will be fought! Tyr’s kingdom is central to the other kingdoms.

The gates – Each gate you pass through is related to another creator so you’ll fight different creators which then lead to another creators kingdom.


The shadow lion: 

This gate is birthed on the titan home planet and the titan is reborn into this unstoppable monster that will wreak havoc upon the land. The gatekeeper is a fallen titan who is enraged and seeks to kill all in front of him.


Construct Bulwark:

This AI wall stands in the way of the humans passing so they must take down the wall to pass the gate. The humans must find a way to break the wall and destroy the shields.


Dragon’s Mouth Gate:

This gate is placed by Tanin which has a disclosed location to the humans but is activated by the AI. Some believe its the location of the core!


Void Stronghold:

The Black Pyramid gate is placed by the void which floats over the Vdekje sea untouched by the post Emergence.


Enraged Tyr:

This gate was placed by Tyr and was the first to open outside of the galaxy. In order to release yourself from his grasp, you’ll need to defeat him yourself!

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