Published On: February 22, 2022

Is Raid Shadow Legends a challenging game to play?

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What is Raid Shadow Legends?

Raid: Shadow Legends is a turn-based MMORPG, boasting 380 million users worldwide across mobile and PC and 1 million active daily users. Developed by Plarium.

You can play Raid: Shadow Legends on any mobile device which uses either Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or on a Windows PC via the Plarium Play Launcher.


What are the main challenges for new players in Raid Shadow Legends?

There are lots of challenges in Raid, especially at the start since it may be quite overwhelming knowing what to do, and more importantly – what NOT to do.

The game can be very misguiding as missions send you down paths that you would never want to follow such as upgrading gear that you will never use and equipping the least optimal stats for your champions.

Speaking of champions it is hard for a new player to understand who is good and who is bad. There are very few bad champions while you’re early in the game, however, understanding how their abilities work and which one are good if you have never played a game like this is very challenging.


What are the main areas that players need to progress when they start playing Raid Shadow Legends?

When starting the game, the biggest hurdle you’ll encounter is getting your first Champion to 60, it is SO important and unlocks the key way for you to progress in all other areas of the game. While doing this you will be focussing on progressing Campaign so that you can get the rewards, farm higher stages and get more XP as well as farming yourself some beginners lifesteal and speed gear.

Once  you’ve got your first few 60’s, only then will you want to push yourself through the dungeons, and step 1 of that is Dragon – the sooner you can get to stage 13, the sooner you can get your hands on 6* items which will push your gear levels significantly as the stats on them are much higher than the 4-5* gear you will be used to.

While focussing on your Dragon team, you’ll conveniently be building a team that can help you in Clan Boss – this will help you to get yourself daily resources, such as shards.

After these areas, you’ll be in the position to start moving forward in other Dungeons, such as Spider (which is much trickier than Dragon unless you have very specific types of Champion – but you will want to start hunting for some vital accessories such as Accuracy Banners.)


What is the Clan Boss?

Raid: Shadow Legends has a daily clan event to defeat the Clan Boss. All clan members can use their keys which refill every 6 hours to fight the clan boss (you can purchase more keys for 100 gems however this is not recommended as best use of your gems). The Clan Boss scales in difficulty from Easy to Normal to Hard to Brutal to Nightmare and then finally Ultra Nightmare. Each upgrade in level increases the rewards you can receive but also the quality of the team you will have to utilise.


What is the arena?

The Arena in Raid, is where you take 4 of your Champions, and fight against 4 Champions from other players – there are multiple ranks to progress through, with the final tier being limited to only 500 people, this is called Platinum – you won’t have to worry about this for a very long time, it is a very competitive area of the game where in the final 15-30minutes before reset players go head to head to try and get themselves a spot in this bracket for the glory!

Along your journey in Raid, you will have to complete numerous missions to reach certain Milestones in Arena, with the final one being Gold IV to get yourself Arbiter.


Why is the arena so hard to compete in?

The Arena is so hard to compete in because it is the ONLY competitive area of the game, with people climbing up, inevitably others fall further down – pushing good teams into lower brackets.

However, it’s not only that – many players in this game spend, even from very early on – so you’ll often come across teams with multiple level 60s, and legendaries that your new teams simply cannot take on, even if they are not in the greatest of gear, however in some cases they are in pretty strong gear due to Gear packs being available to buy in the game.

Along with this, many people decide to have “F2P Alts” to play alongside Content Creators in their challenges, so you’ll come across people in lower tiers who actually know exactly what they are doing who will prove to be a big challenge.

But the biggest difficulty in Arena in the early game is undoubtedly knowing WHO and WHAT you can fight successfully, there are so many Champions in the game – that with limited knowledge it is very hard to determine what your team will be successful against.


How can you learn to improve your skills in the game?

There are many ways to learn to improve your skills and knowledge at Raid, thankfully there are TONS of great content creators who have hundreds and hundreds of educational videos to help you along the way. We also have some very useful articles on the website which will help you along your journey.

Most notable for Videos, Hellhades has a few F2P series, where he tackles the early parts of the game on a brand new Free to play account, showing the true struggles of the early game, especially without spending.


What resources are there to help you progress your account?

Aside from YouTube and Twitch, there are some amazing resources out there to help you progress your account, which you can find in our useful tools section of the website here.

Raid: Shadow Legends is a game that has inspired some of the most creative and talented people that I have seen within the gaming industry to create tools to help you build your teams and develop your gameplay.

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