New Gear Presets
Published On: June 1, 2024
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New Gear Presets!

We’ve got some more news on what’s coming in 8.60 – New Gear Presets!

This has been a much-requested feature, so it’s great to see Plarium starting to implement these quality-of-life changes.

Check out the full announcement from Plarium, along with some teaser images:

Plarium Gear Preset Announcement

“Hey-hey folks! I’ve got some news for you! Remember the QoLs Roadmap?

I’m happy to announce that a few of the features listed in there will be introduced in the upcoming update

(1) Gear Presets

We are introducing Gear Presets – a new addition to the Fitting Room that will allow you to save various Gear combos and equip them on any Champion with just a few taps. In order to access it, simply tap the Preset Manager button right underneath the Fitting Room.

The Artifact and Accessory Presets will be separated. So, just choose the one you would like to play around with by tapping on their respective icons. And now you’re welcome to roam through your Gear to find the most suitable pieces.

You can try different Artifacts or Accessories before saving the Preset, and you’ll be able to edit it at any time without limitations. Once you’re done, you can save the combination as a Champion Preset available (and visible) to the specific Champion you viewed when working with the Preset, or as a Global Preset available to any Champion you own.

Equipping Presets will cost the same amount of Silver as if you manually replaced each of the Champion’s Gear pieces. And here’s where the next item might become handy.”

Raid Gear Preset Manager
Raid Gear Preset Tool

(2) Free Gear Removal Item

“The upcoming update will bring us a Free Gear Removal item. It will activate a 100% Gear Removal Discount for 1 hour. The item will be available as a reward in one of the Hard Difficulty Stages in the Cursed City Districts of Cobblemarket, Deadrise, and Plagueholme.

These items won’t replace any old rewards in the Cursed City, though adding them involved a redistribution of a few things. Once claimed, a Free Gear Removal Item will be sent to your Inbox for 99 days. So you can activate it whenever is more convenient for you.”

(3) Accessories Filters

“Yep, Hide Set Filters will become available for Accessories.”

New Gear Preset First Impressions

Being able to build specific Artifact and Accessory Sets that you can swap globally is going to be very useful.

Whether you want to swap your best damage-dealing set between your heaviest-hitting Champions, or build specific Regen and Stun sets for running Faction Wars, Secret Rooms in the Doom Tower, or the Cursed City, Gear Presets really open up the strategic planning aspect of the game.

Here are some additional scenarios where Gear Presets could shine:

Sintranos and Dark Fae

End-game players will find presets useful to help manage the monthly Champion restrictions. You can now simply swap out your best gear, rather than remembering and constantly re-optimise builds. Given the large roster of Champions you need to tackle Sintranos every month, this is a huge quality-of-life improvement.

The free one hour Gear Swap and Free Gear Events also provides value for Sintranos players. Quickly swapping gear sets at no Silver cost while preparing for your next run is a nice bonus.

Presets offer a similar advantage for Dark Fae in the Doom Tower. Doom Tower bosses rotate every month, with Dark Fae being the third rotation boss. Using Presets, you can now save your team gear load-outs for this specific boss (find out how to beat her effectively with our Dark Fae walkthrough below).

This is very useful as you’ll only run Dark Fae one out of three months (or three out of twelve months per year). Using Gear Presets, you can happily re-gear your Champions without losing builds you know work.

PvP and Arena

Gear Presets will be very useful for Platinum Tier Arena reset tactics – when PvP players quickly swap out their builds just before the Platinum Tier resets to catch opponents off-guard to gain some last-minute wins.

Being able to quickly swap between a general-purpose Arena build, and a surprise reset team, will make end-game PvP a much more fluid experience. Coupled with the benefits of easier experimentation, presets should be a big bonus for PvPers.

Easier Experimentation

Perhaps one of the biggest impacts of the new Gear Presets will be the ability to experiment with builds more easily than ever. Sets can be tested, tweaked, and then saved (or scrapped!).

You could, for example, create presets for commonly used sets like Stun, Frost, Regen, and so on. Once created, you can play around with builds while always having your go-to Artifact Sets ready.

New players will also find value here. Being able to slowly build up and save the best Lifesteal and SPD setups in the early game for Campaign runs could be very helpful – especially as they start to acquire more powerful Champions.

Finally, Gear Presets enable you to create different gear load-outs for a single Champion. Kymar is one example of a Champion that supports multiple builds, and one that could benefit from this approach. The days of acquiring a Champion multiple times, then farming and levelling up the required gear for different builds could become a thing of the past.

Potential Gear Preset Downsides

The benefits of Gear Presets and swapping are going to come at the same Silver cost you would pay by re-gearing manually. As a result, some players might find it’s simply too expensive to get maximum value from this system, depending on what content they’re running.

While Silver costs can be mitigated by the new Free Gear Removal item, the one-hour time limit does limit its usefulness. We expect most players who want to make use of Gear Presets will simply wait for free gear removal events instead.

What do you think about the incoming Gear Presets? Let us know in the comments!

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