Published On: September 23, 2022
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New Hero’s Path! Eternal Soulstone!

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Plarium has begun the Hero’s Path event again today, and for the first time ever we have an Eternal Soulstone available in-game, at the very end of the Hero’s Path.

Today we’re going to have a look at the requirements to actually get your hands on this Soulstone and how valuable it really is.


What is an Eternal Soulstone:

Well, by this point you’re probably familiar with how Soulstones work, at least the Mortal and Immortal ones available from the Iron Twin’s Fortress, but the Eternal Soulstones are much more powerful.

An Immortal Soulstone can ONLY be 5 or 6-star perfect souls, with a 20% chance for it to be 6 stars.

The same odds come into play for the rarity, with a 20% Chance of getting a Legendary soul, and an 80% chance of an Epic Soul.

These Soulshards could very possibly get you a VERY useful Perfect Soul for a Champion that will gain huge value.


How many points are needed?

To acquire the Eternal Soulstone you will need to fully clear one of the two sides of the event, including the side segment to unlock the key to progress further.

The Left-Hand side that will see you pick up an Epic Book, 6* Legendary Chaos Ore, and a Legendary book amongst other things will require 30,750 Points.

The Right-Hand side that will see you pick up some Mortal Soulstones, Eternal Soul Coins, and Legendary book amongst other things will take 29,150 Points.

On top of these points, you will then need a further 35,000 Points to get your hands on the true aim, the Eternal Soulstone.


How to gain points?

There are 2 methods for gaining points during this specific Hero’s Path, Pulling shards or Champion Training, and we’re going to break down roughly how much work it will take to complete this event using both methods, showing you the amount of energy and/or shards that will be required.

Below you can see a table that Saphyrra has created to show how much we’re looking at, but it’s not going to be an easy feat to acquire this Soulstone!

The other alternative method for earning coins, and it would be stupid for us to ignore this – is purchasing Hero Coins from the current Hero Coin Bundle, with 2 options available:

– £8.99 – 10,000 Hero Coins – Purchasable 2 times. – This equates to just over 2 Sacred Shards PER pack bought.

Premium – £12.99 – 16,000 Hero Coins – Purchasable 2 times – This equates to the same points as 3.5 Sacred Shards PER Pack bought.

When you look at the value of one sacred Shard in Raid, as a direct comparison of points per shard and their cost, this does work out significantly cheaper than burning your sacred shards.

Whilst this won’t completely finish the event for you, if you are willing to spend money on these, it will reduce the number of resources you’re required to use significantly.


Will you be going for this event? Let us know in the comments below!

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1 year ago

Hey Hades, I’m FTP and I’m doing exactly what you suggested; going down the right side and into the middle for the mortal soulstones. If I have extra time/resources, I’m going for either the mortal and immortal soul coins in the middle towards the top or the eternal soul coins further down the right side just after the key. I have some champs to level anyway after completing the Ukko fusion. I’m wondering though, can move from right to left collecting the soul coins near the top?