Published On: October 7, 2021

New Promocode! Gift1 !

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Plarium has added a new promo code to the game, Gift1 – make sure you type this into your promo-code section in-game for some free rewards.

While we don’t know exactly what this code is for yet, usually an announcement will follow a few hours after everyone gets wind of it!

You will get the following:

3 Days boosted XP
5x Classic Arena Refill
1x Clan Boss Key
500 Energy

For a short period of time, the code Gift2 also worked – however that was quickly deactivated as it was not supposed to be there.

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2 years ago

What are some of the previous promo codes? They still seem to work.
I know playplarium. Ninja
There was something about ash.
These would be great to know! Thanks!