Patch 5.10 Highlights!

Published On: January 6, 2022

Patch 5.10 Highlights!


Plarium has just released the information regarding the upcoming patch for January 2022, Patch 5.10.

As we already know, this will mean the opening of Shadowkin Faction Crypt!

Here’s the notes:


Chaos Ore

Chaos Ore is an item that allows you to rework the Stats and Substats of various Artifacts. All of us sometimes receive a cool Legendary Artifact after a Dungeon run, only to notice that its Substats are not exactly what we need. Before, we’d have to sell it and keep grinding. But with Chaos Ore, there’s a chance to reset all the Stats and get something better, thus saving time and Energy!

Reworking an Artefact will require Silver and a special item – Chaos Ore – that can be used on Gear of Ranks 5 and 6. You will need Chaos Ore of a Rarity equal to or greater than that of the Artifact you want to rework, while their Rank has to match precisely. Keep in mind that each Artifact can be reworked only once. You’ll be able to gather an unlimited amount of Ore, and it will be kept in your Ore Storage, accessed via the Rework tab in the Artifact Upgrade menu.

Note: Mythical Artifacts will not be applicable for rework for the time being.

The game randomizes both the main Stats and the Substats of the chosen Artifact during rework. If the main Stat is locked (Helmets, Shields, Weapons), it won’t be affected. If the Artifact has already been upgraded before, it will keep the acquired Stat bonuses, though the Substats themselves will still change – they’ll just get a bonus equivalent to the Artifact Level. However, all Glyph upgrades will be lost, so think twice before reforging Artifacts you’ve already spent a lot of resources on.

For the time being, your main source of Chaos Ore will be Events and Tournaments, though they will also be part of some Limited Special Offers. If something changes, we’ll mention it in the future Release Notes or Update Highlights!

Shadowkin Crypt

A new Crypt will become available soon after Update 5.10 goes, and while that in itself won’t bring any groundbreaking changes, there is one thing that needs to be covered once more.

The addition of the Shadowkin Crypt will affect the Faction War Challenges, and you’ll need to complete the Crypt to claim Lydia the Deathsiren. However, if you already have Lydia, she won’t be affected – you won’t be able to get a duplicate, but you’ll still get the extra rewards by earning more stars for Faction Wars Challenges.

Since the Update is likely to go live in the middle of the Faction Wars Cycle, keep in mind that the new Crypt won’t become available until the new cycle begins. However, the requirements to get Lydia will be increased immediately, and you’ll need to wait for the Crypt to open before you can proceed with the Faction Wars Challenges.


  • 100 Extra slots will become available in the Champion Vault
  • We’ll add new Rank & Rarity filters for Artifacts and Accessories, along with a filter letting you hide the Gear you’ve fully reworked with Chaos Ore. After filtering for the Gear you want, you’ll also be able to tap “Select All” to select everything at once.


  1. RagingFae January 7, 2022 at 5:11 am

    Love the sum up, thank you HH! <3

  2. tugwos January 7, 2022 at 5:53 am

    Just wanted to shout out the champion optimizer. Used it to finish my faction war push and got my Lydia today just in time!

  3. Jemojo16 January 8, 2022 at 12:04 am

    I did the same as tugwos and finally got that Skinwalker thing handled. Kudos to the optimizer!

  4. grobs January 13, 2022 at 12:55 pm

    So … if i understand correctly, chaos ore is just a one time reroll for a gear. And this is the 1/3 of feauture list of this patch? If they give us hundreds of reroll, the chance for a good one is minuscule, but they give this at special, limited offers.
    It was a pity for many of programming hours.

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