Published On: May 19, 2021

Plarium responds! HellHades reacts!


The Raid Community Managers held an Ask Me Anything session on the platform Reddit. To nobody’s surprise, a tonne of questions were asked and a decent amount of them were answered.

I don’t think this was the best way to do this, as they have cherry-picked questions to answer and I think there is a whole lot left unanswered. But, it’s better than we’ve had before, which is nothing…

There are big topics in this article. So, let’s go through them, and I’ll give my thoughts on them as well.

The first topic is the mercy system. This is a very fresh and hot topic at the moment as they have just released an update blocking the use of third-party tools to track this. Their response to this is:

“As a game developer, we are working hard on improving the security of our product and taking all necessary measures to “close the gaps” in our security system that may lead to data leaks and opening access to information that was not intended to be visible and usable by third-party apps and programs. Moreover, some of the 3rd party apps might potentially compromise players’ accounts in various ways that’s why we always ask players to avoid visiting unverified sites or downloading third-party software from unknown sources”.

I can completely understand from a security standpoint, but what I can’t understand is why this is not in the game anyway! Loads of games, when you get into the shard pull areas, just have a mercy system built-in and I don’t know why Plarium is scared of it. As you have read, they are saying they have blocked the tools because of security issues for people’s accounts. However, people have been mining data for over 18 months. The Optimiser does a similar kind of thing but it’s not as intrusive as the mercy system tools were. Why can’t they just have a counter in the shard portal? They showed they are capable of doing it, we saw it recently with the event for Countess Lix. Are they scared they might lose revenue? For me, I don’t think they will. People are more likely going to buy a pack of shards if they know they are close to a guaranteed legendary champion.

The second topic is the dupe system. This has been a topic of discussion for nearly two years now and the answer is always “we are looking at some options”. Their response to this question was:

“When coming up with the concept for the feature, we contemplated two main approaches – tweaking drop rates and making dupes more valuable by utilizing them for strengthening champions. For several months, we were testing both of these in various forms in the sandbox environment, developing an in-game economic model for each simultaneously assessing influence of both on the in-game balance; and conducting tests in the real production environment. We evaluated pros and cons and, right now, are leaning more toward the second option – making dupes more valuable by utilizing them for strengthening champions. We expect the solution to come out in the fall”

My honest opinion is that a dupe system that empowers a particular dupe is kinda dumb! Because what does it do? It pushes the gap between the pay to win player and the free to play player further apart. Think about this. I’m a pay to win player, we all know it. I can empower my Valkyrie with my four dupes. So, instantly someone who has played for a long time or is pay to win has a better position than others. I have dupes and I am nowhere near the big boys in this game. The gap will just get bigger. It’s just a terrible idea!

If you consider other games that are in a similar type of genre. All they have to do is return those dupe champions into a roll system that allows the players to get another non-dupe, for example, you put three dupe legendaries in and get a new legendary. Like in the game League of Legends you put three in you get one out. Another idea is if they used their brain. Make legendary skins! Don’t do something that empowers the makeup of champions, make them unique, just change the visual of the champion. It’s not hard it can be random like your champion gets a new hammer or shield. It feels like the better option. Don’t release 20 more champions this month just re-skin all the legendaries. Then the next month do the same don’t bring out more champions we have enough at the moment.

Topic number three is the time restraints on the game. IT TAKES TOO LONG. For me this is the most important one. It is crucial to Raid right now. We did a poll on the YouTube channel regarding the amount of time spent playing the game. From 12K votes, 42% said over 4 hours a day. That is way too long as an average. It’s starting to feel like a job!

Plarium’s Response:

“We have a whole separate roadmap for additions aimed at optimizing the amount of time that you need to spend in the game to stay in the loop. Like with 15-20 stages in Potions Dungeons. We are looking at ways to decrease the time spent in Dungeons, for farming XP and Silver, Artifacts, and Accessories upgrade. You will learn more details about these soon enough. However, we are not looking in the direction of implementing x3 or x4 speed partially due to technical limitations, but, more importantly, because tuning your teams for faster battles is one of the main concepts our game is all about.

We are looking to decrease the time spent in dungeons? You just released dungeons 21 to 25 where the champions that can do the speed runs cannot do it anymore!! Regarding the artifacts and accessories. There are so many third-party tools that do this this needs to happen in-game now!. This is bad news for the speed multiplier If you are not going to implement x3 or x4 speeds into the game at least do it for clan boss, please! This is a massive problem people are now leaving the game because of this. I’m not impressed with this response that’s for sure!

Great Hall is meant to be one of the endgame features, but we can’t deny the input of prodigy players like yourself :) We should be ready with something you could spend your Classic Arena medals on closer to the fall, as well. We keep track of the players that have maxed the Great Hall and see that the number is not big at all, for now”

This is important for the end game players when they have completed the great hall. They have no reason to push in the arena. We have a few videos talking about ideas to improve this experience like transferring arena medals into the bazaar.

Topic four was that Arena is the hottest topic for new players in the game at the moment:

This is on the agenda. We already have the whole thing planned out and we will be ready to bring this to the game after sorting current problems in the Silver and Bronze Tiers (and this should start in two iterations, as announced previously, in the following couple of weeks). Also, we will be adding more elements to the game that will increase competitiveness in the higher Tiers, which, consequently, asks for modifying the current state of things in Gold IV and the Platinum.

This is all fair enough they just need to expand the arena tiers and I feel this helps a lot

The next one is about the tag team arena:

Yep, there are quite a few changes intended for the Tag Team Arena, for instance, auto-battle for all 3 fights, introducing new sorts of Events, expanding Bazaar, and more

These changes look good. But honestly, I’ve said it before, 3v3 arena just needs a rework, it’s just dull. Even when they implement the option to auto three fights, it’s still dull. Please just make this into a different game mode. Please!

The last part is just a few small topics that I picked up from StewGamingTV’s questions.

Swift parry and reaction gear rebalance – I am personally disappointed with it. For those who aren’t playing in gold 4 or above. Swift parry and reaction accessories are just awful in the arena. It turns, what should be, a kind of skill-based encounter into a straight-up RNG encounter. I feel like in this type of game you should be able to look at your opponent and decide your actions based on their team. Not on what accessories they are wearing. The swift parry chance is way too high. I went back to them and said the maximum chance should be 25% or take it out of the game completely. Just make it like the other accessories 4, 8, 12%. they are the most broken and overpowered pieces of gear in the game. People are just putting them on their champions no matter what the stats are, just for the 50% proc rather than putting accessories that have the correct stats for your champions.

They plan to bring in a 10x for void shard openings – YES! The next patch incoming…this is huge for me and other streamers that open viewer’s shards… Thank God! Maybe we’ll see a return of LadyH on Void weekends!?

What did you think of the responses? Let us know in the comments! We love to hear from you.



  1. Yagosh May 19, 2021 at 2:05 pm

    Dupe system and Plarium’s approach to “strengthening the champion” – you can use a dupe instead of books or bruise to ascend THAT champion or THAT champion’s skills.
    You already ascended or booked your champion? Not our problem, we gave you a solution to dupe problem

  2. Hatefulslayer June 10, 2022 at 2:41 am

    how about why Fear is so overpowered against your team but barely procs when you use it…. seriously?
    in hydra the fear procs like 95% of the time. maybe you guys could quit with the whaling out and get the game fixed. but you just keep spending money and they have no incentive to actually make it work like it’s supposed to.

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