Published On: October 1, 2021
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Raid Digest 01/10 – Dupe System Coming Soon?

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Reasoning Behind the Upcoming Rebalance

Let’s start with probably the most discussed topic – the rebalance coming in the version 4.70. The general purpose of the rebalance is to adjust a Champion in such a way that they better fulfill their particular role within the boundaries of their rarity. This does not necessarily mean making them stronger overall per se or turning them into a universal tool. Due to our current tight development agenda, we can’t release rebalanced patches more often for now, but, starting next year, we want to make it a more regular thing. We know how unsettling it is for you to see Urogrim being nerfed. His performance proved him to be way overpowered and even capable of clearing 20+ stages of the Dragon Dungeon solo – not the function he is supposed to do as an Epic Support Champion. Having an Epic Support Champion that outperforms a Legendary one of similar application, such as Bad-el-Kazar, throws the game balance off. After the rebalance, Urogrim will remain a decent Epic Champion, capable of supporting his team by healing them while debuffing the enemy.

CvC Tournaments Schedule

As in the rest of our Tournaments, the schedule for Clan vs Clan Tournaments is not bound to a particular day of the week, it is intended to be flexible and might shift time after time. The next CvC Tournament will start on Tuesday, October 12th, so you’ll have enough time to prepare for it in advance. On top of that, this particular Tournament will feature Personal rewards. Please keep in mind that Personal rewards are not a permanent attribute of the CvC Tournaments but an additional bonus in some of them.


We’re excited to know that several top Raid players have already completed the whole list of the Progress missions and acquired the ultimate reward – Ramantu, a Legendary Champion of the Lizardmen faction. Congratulations! Please notice that Ramantu’s outstanding Abilities have limits – his A3 has 80% chance of blocking both Active and Passive skills of enemies, except for Bosses. Those guys’ special Skill “Almighty Immunity” protects their Skills from being blocked.

Extra Slots for Artifact and Accessory Storage

We’re going to add 300 more slots to both Storages in the 4.70 update. Extra slots will appear automatically after all features of the version are turned on after the release, you don’t need to spend any resources to expand your Storage.

The Special Ninja Program is coming to an end!

Even the top teams for the Doom Tower include Ninja, a free Legendary Champion based on the famous streamer Richard Blevins. The last day to obtain this character for your account is October 15th. But since you need to log in for 7 days to get the Champion, you’ll have to start playing RAID on October 7th, at the latest. So it might be reasonable to invite your friends to Raid till then if you want them to have this remarkable Champion in their Collection. All players who join the game after the Ninja program ends will get an Epic Champion Shaman instead, the regular Daily log-in program champion.

Duplicate System

The development of the feature is in full swing. With all the major decisions made, its release is now close, so we are preparing a short video explaining the basics of how the system is going to work. If all goes well, the video will be ready in the next two weeks, so stay tuned.

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2 years ago

Dupe system. Will it burn the game to the ground? Make the Whales GOD mode and unbeatable? Or will it bring utility to everyone? Will it make people farm campaign endlessly?