Published On: November 26, 2021
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Raid Digest – 26/11 – ARENA CHANGES!

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We are thrilled that we finally shared more info about our “little,” multiheaded Greek-mythology-inspired monstrosity with you, and finally, the dupe system is in the game! So, after all the excitement, please join us in this Raid Digest. We have some fun stuff for those who will read the whole thing closely.

Let’s start with what we plan for 2022 and then go further to our next release.

Arena changes:

New year, changes in meta, and changes to the system. Not mentioning small things, two changes you should definitely know about:

– Platinum Tier will expand to 500 players

– New tier for the Classic Arena – Gold V, for those raiders who are ready for an even more competitive challenge on the road to Platinum tier!

If all goes well, you will see this update in the game closer to the end of February. We will keep you posted if anything changes.

The Shadowkin Faction crypt: will open its gates early next year, so if you are close to getting Lydia, it is time for that final push that was on your back-burner for the last couple of months. She will run one milestone further away if you miss this opportunity.

In the latest “What’s Next in Raid” video, we mentioned our plans for increasing the number of Saved Teams up to 15, and they will be divided by game modes, so you have 15 for each mode. Let us shed some light on which modes we meant.

Instead of dividing all Saved Teams into two groups – “PvP Battles”  and “PvE Battles”, as it currently is, we’re introducing an alternative division:

  • “General” (Dungeons, Campaign, Clan Boss Demon Lord) – 15  Saved Teams
  • “Faction Wars” – 15
  • “Doom Tower” – 15
  • “Hydra” – 15
  • “PvP” (Classic Arena and Arena 3*3) – 15

Another question that is getting a lot of traction these days: “Do we get any points in CvC and tournaments for getting champions from Token Trader ?”

YES! You do! It will count the same as getting a new legendary Champion.

And now, let’s talk some more about Hydra.

We want you to remember: Hydra is already lurking in the 5.0 update and will require three unique teams of 6 Champions to make good use of all three available keys. Please keep this in mind when you use Champion Empowerment or exchange Champions for Life Tokens.

A new button option will be added to Hydra’s “Paused” screen, the “Edit team” button. Using this button, you will return to the champions selection screen: No damage will be registered, champions will remain available for the next fight, the key will stay in your hands. Test your teams. Adjustment is the name of the game here.

The last fun piece of info will be about the next Clan vs. Clan tournament. Due to your requests not to arrange big updates in the middle of CvC Tournaments the next such tournament will shift to December 5th… Because we have one Real Hell of an update coming!

Oh, and the next CvC tournament will be without personal rewards

That is all of the excitement we have for you today!

Have a great weekend.

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2 years ago

that’s some good stuff right there

2 years ago

Great breakdown of the pending updates & highlights.
Cheers 🍺😎