Raid Shadow Legends Lore: Gliseah Soulguide

Published On: December 15, 2021

Raid Shadow Legends Lore: The Story of Valkyrie


Lumaya’s mortal followers oft associate her with springtime and the warmth of the sun, for what else would befit the Goddess of life and love? In truth, there are countless aspects to Her divine power, and none know that better than the Lightbringers whom Lumaya created from the purest essence of the Aether. Some among these pure beings were indeed born to praise the radiance and warmth of summer, their bodies aglow with rich gold and crimson light, but others yet were cast in a different mold. Gliseah Soulguide is one such Lightbringer.

She represents the solemn beauty of winter: the dazzling glitter of rime in the first light of dawn and the daunting majesty of a snowstorm. Just like winter paves the way for the rebirth of nature, it was Gliseah’s duty to guide the souls of mortals to their rebirth in the afterlife. That was a task she had dedicated herself to for many millennia, becoming a sworn protector of her wards and a relentless foe of all who seek to spread the vilest perversion of the natural order – Undeath. For those evil creatures, Gliseah’s heart held no kindness. And only woe awaited the villains who became the target of her cold, implacable wrath.

Few among the Lightbringers could match Gliseah’s zeal in fighting evil, and she had often taken it upon herself to descend to the realm of Teleria when horrible conflicts between the forces of Light and Darkness erupted in ages past. But as the forces of Siroth appeared to have fled the world of mortals and peace reigned at last, even a warrior as fervent as Gliseah found fewer and fewer reasons to abandon her duties in the higher spheres. Alas, that was exactly what the Dark Lord expected. Over centuries, his agents worked tirelessly to corrupt the hearts of mortal races, and Shadow slowly enveloped Teleria in its ominous shroud.

But the servants of Darkness took great care to conceal their labors. It was not until necromancers across the world started raising countless Undead to serve the bidding of Siroth that Gliseah realized something was amiss. Perhaps it was providence that prompted her to act at that very moment, and when she cast her gaze over Teleria, it was drawn to a single event that took place in the far North. An ancient chimera known as Tatura Rimehide battled against overwhelming forces below, and witnessing that uneven struggle filled Gliseah’s spirit with fury.

That day, the world of mortals witnessed an impossibly bright shooting star that cleft the northern skies and descended upon the sinful earth. None of the Demonspawn could escape vengeance, and Gliseah cut them down without mercy as she fought alongside Tatura. The two of them shared bonds of kinship, for they were born of the same natural aspect of the world, and in the battle’s wake, both Gliseah and Tatura took an oath to fight by each other’s side and help all those who sought to dash Siroth’s schemes once more. By that oath, they traveled South to find a worthy leader to whom they could pledge allegiance.



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  1. Heartdisease December 15, 2021 at 9:00 pm

    She is now my Most wanted Champ. More than Krisk, Warlord, Kymar, or Seer. Please be kind to me Plarium RNG!

  2. daSpazz December 25, 2021 at 3:29 am

    Got lucky and pulled her on my last set of 10 shards out of 126, from the holiday ladder pack. Can’t wait to spin her around the block.looking forward to a few guides soon too!

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