Raid: Shadow Legends – Patch 6.0 Highlights

Published On: September 1, 2022

Update 6.0 Highlights


Greetings, Raiders!

Update 6.00 will be one of the biggest and most important in 2022, and we’re happy to provide a sneak peek before it goes live. One feature will take the spotlight today – Awakening. In case you’ve not kept up with our What’s Next In Raid series or missed the recent Update Previews on YouTube, Awakening is a new mechanic that will strengthen your Champions and give them access to incredibly powerful Passive Skills called Blessings. Better yet, you’ll have a great deal of freedom when it comes to choosing those Blessings.

We’re also adding a challenging new Dungeon – the Iron Twins Fortress – where you’ll battle the terrifying golem guardian for Soul Coins and Soul Essence that you’ll need to Awaken your Champions. And in addition to that, we’re also going to include another Champion Balance patch and Skins for everyone’s favorite Barbarian Queen, Scyl of the Drakes!

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Since we’ve already released a comprehensive guide on the core mechanics of Awakening, we won’t go into too many details in the Highlights this time; instead, we’ll include the video at the end for those of you who want to go on a deep dive.

In short, Awakening is a new feature reminiscent of both Champion Ascension and Masteries. You can use the Souls of your Champions to Awaken them and gain access to Blessings – powerful Passive Skills that provide a multitude of bonuses, such as Stat boosts and unique effects that can revolutionize your tactics. Imagine turning your enemies into sheep, raining a meteor storm down upon their heads, gaining Turn Meter every time you get debuffed, and more.

Blessings will be divided into 4 Divinities (War, Chaos, Light, Dark) and 3 Rarities (Rare, Epic, Legendary). Champions are limited by their own Rarity when choosing Blessings, meaning that Legendary Champions can pick whatever they want, but Rare Champions can only pick Rare Blessings. On the other hand, you can pick whatever Divinity you want, and you can change Blessings at any point. The first time is free, and later such changes will require Gems.

Awakening a Champion will require Perfect or Split Souls belonging to that specific Champion, which can be obtained from Soulstones or at the Soul Merchant in the Altar of Souls. Champions must be Ascended before they can be Awakened, and increasing their Awakening level improves their chosen Blessing.

Perfect Souls will Awaken the Champion to their exact level without any hoops to jump through, while Split Souls can only work if the Champion has already been Awakened to a level just below their own (i.e., a Level 4 Split Soul for Valkyrie will require a Valkyrie of Level 3 Awakening to work).

Soulstones come in Mortal, Immortal, and Eternal types. The better the Soulstone, the better the chance you have at receiving top-tier Perfect Souls.. You can purchase these from the Mystic Market for Soul Coins. Also, you get to mark up to 9 Champions (3 for each Rarity) as the most desired in the Wishlist, doubling the chances of summoning their Souls from Soulstones. Meanwhile, Split Souls can be purchased from the Soul Merchant and will require Soul Essence. Check in the Merchant as often as you can to get what you need!

That’s the gist of it, but you can watch our Update Preview to get a much more detailed description of Awakening, Blessings, and everything else you need to know.


Iron Twins Fortress

The Iron Twins Fortress is a new Dungeon that we’ll introduce as part of the Awakening feature – this is where you’ll get Soul Coins and some Soul Essence. And there are a few important things to note about this particular Dungeon. First of all, the Iron Twins Fortress will be available in different Affinities, which open on a set schedule (much like the Affinity Keeps), and clearing one Affinity does not automatically unlock the Stages for others. This is important because the Boss gets stronger if you bring along Champions of an Affinity that does not match their own.

Secondly, you will need to consider the Stats of your Champions and your overall Team composition even more than usual. Some of the Twins’ Skills target Champions based on a specific Stat, and you’ll want to keep that in mind.

Check out the full guide that explains every single Skill the Iron Twins have in their arsenal and provides tips for dealing with them!


New Skins: Scyl of the Drakes

Scyl of the Drakes is an eternal badass and one of the Community’s beloved Champions, so it’s only right she finally received fancy Skins of her own. Keep an eye out for her Heroic Skin: Lavaborn and Iconic Skin: Azure in the following weeks!


Champion Rebalance


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  1. SS2020user September 2, 2022 at 6:44 am

    Great patch, I love the awakening feature, and some epic buffs to make DT harder, all just standard stuff. TBH I think this is an amazing update!

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